Celebrate Mom's Wisdom

February 15, 2018

Celebrate Mom's Wisdom

Clean up your room.  Stop hitting your sister.  I don’t know why the sky is blue.  And the infamous, yet oh so effective, “Because I said so!”  Just a few of my favorite mom-isms.  Let’s face it, kids are cute but they ask a lot of questions…over and over and over again.  They test lots of boundaries (AKA my patience)…over and over and over again.  So this Mother’s Day, no I don’t want another piece of finger paint fridge art.  Here is what I really want (and, c’mon, you know you do too):

1.  30 minutes to go pee All. By. Myself. (No knocking.  No calling my name.  No sticky fingers shoved under the door.)

2. An entire piece of cake, and a HOT cup of coffee, in silence. (No one eating my dessert or poking at it.  No one distracting me until my hot coffee is a room temperature coffee because no, that’s not the same as iced coffee.)

3. A nap. This needs no further explanation.

4. Someone else to make (and clean up) every meal.  Plan it, shop it, cook it, and clean all the dishes/put everything away.  Oh yes, and make it healthy, tasty for everyone, and budget friendly. (No, it’s not impossible.  I do it every day.)

5. A foot rub that turns into a backrub that ends with me sound asleep. (Notice a theme?)

May I add that every one of these requests is FREE?!  So, honey, take the kids for the day and do whatever you like that does not involve me because all Mom wants for Mother’s Day is a day off!  But, you know, maybe entertain them with finger paints because I’ll want their sweet artwork tomorrow…

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Happy Mother's Day!

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