(Free!) Valentine's Day Printable: Loved You Then, Love You Still

February 10, 2017

(Free!) Valentine's Day Printable: Loved You Then, Love You Still


Free Valentine's Day art printable

With February being the month of Valentine’s Day, love is in the air and foremost on everyone’s mind.  I love this print because it says it all, simply and poetically.  Plus, flowers that last and last!  Love is the one thing you can’t define, but there are countless ways to show it.  Here is some inspiration to keep the romance alive long after the month has ended:

A sweet message on the bathroom mirror (in lipstick or steam)

Pack their lunch for the next day and tuck a note inside

Bring home flowers for no reason

Surprise them with a date night, planned from start to finish

Take something off their plate ~ a chore you know they hate doing is a great place to start

Run a bubble bath for two

Find out when their favorite band or sports team will be in town and surprise them with tickets

Plan a scavenger hunt around the house.  The end can be dinner for two by way of a carpet picnic.

Call them at work just to say “I love you”

In the end, what you do doesn’t matter near as much as doing something; after all, the effort is what shows someone you love them more than any specific gesture.  Have fun with it.  Make it your own.  And keep it going after the holiday is over! 

Free Valentine's Day Printable Art by Hop Skip Jump Paper

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