Hello Autumn (Free Printable!)

October 23, 2017

Hello Autumn (Free Printable!)

 by Jennifer A. Roberts

The rustle of leaves as you charge through the grass.
The blast of color that is autumn foliage.
The musty, earthy smell of damp earth and fallen leaves and crisp, fall air.
For me, fall will always be about raking leaves. Giant, colorful piles of leaves, the kind you can jump into and never touch the ground. When I was little, we had great big, wild cherry trees in our backyard. There were at least 20. When fall come, and temperatures began to drop, there was the inevitable chore of raking that had to be done. And even though I occasionally  complained about having to do this, and more than once renegotiated my allowance to make up for the fact that I had to help in this endeavor, I still always enjoyed it somehow as a child.
The simple satisfaction of looking across a sea of yard to see neat, intermittent piles of leaves, perfectly raked and ready for bagging. The enjoyment of finding all the colors of the rainbow laying on my backyard lawn. The crispness of the air that held promise of future sledding and snowball fights but for now just meant I was finally able to wear all my cold-weather clothes again. It was a once-a-year chore that I willingly helped with, because I loved it so much.
For many of us, autumn means fall colors, leaves, and yes, even the not-so-welcome chore of raking. It also means saying goodbye to the long, sun-filled days of summer, preparing for the winter ahead, and slowing down as the days become shorter and cooler. It’s a time of rejuvenation, of preparation, of satisfaction. It’s a time to celebrate the year that is almost over and look to what lies ahead.
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Jennifer A. Roberts lives a location-independent lifestyle with her husband, Chris, in their RV. They currently work and travel throughout North America, combining their passion for travel with a minimalistic life and freelance work. Jennifer is a former educator, an avid home cook, and an aspiring writer.


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