Land That I Love: Free Printable!

July 11, 2017

Land That I Love: Free Printable!


From Memorial Day to Independence Day and Labor Day, summertime is filled with opportunities to show your national pride. I’d like to share a few things I love most about summer in the good ol’ US of A.

National Parks — I’m lucky enough to live near Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The towering mountains, meadows wildflowers and high-altitude lakes are simply stunning during the summer. With 58 National Parks ranging from beaches to volcanoes to hot springs to everglades, there is bound to be a favorite park for everyone.

Parades – Most parts of the country put on at least one parade complete with emergency response vehicles, military personnel, historic cars, bands, girl and boy scout troupes, dance groups, and often even politicians. In Colorado, we have cowboys and horses! It’s a great family friendly event because it’s free, out in the sunshine (you hope), and there’s lots to see and people to meet.

BBQs – Provided you get good weather, a BBQ or cookout is a great tradition during the summer. Get the family together with friends and neighbors. Have everyone bring a dish and you fire up the grill. If you can get a game of volleyball or cornhole going and turn up the music your guests will be entertained the whole day through.

Fireworks – Most states have laws regarding what, if any, fireworks you can purchase and set off yourself. However, they are plenty of professional fireworks shows that are worry free. Pack some chairs, a blanket and cooler in the car and find a prime viewing spot. Almost everyone can appreciate the beauty of a fireworks show!

Boating and swimming – If you are fortunate enough to be near the water, summer is a great time to do some boating, swimming, and fishing. Even if you are landlocked, hanging out by the pool is a great way to relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Don’t forget the SPF!

Vacation – Many people choose to plan a fun summer vacation. Road trips are especially memorable so long as you plan ahead to avoid the highest traffic times. Getting away as a family will be some of your kids best childhood memories when they are grown!

It’s already mid-July, but there’s still plenty of summer to enjoy! Here’s hoping you get to do many of these and so much more in the coming weeks. And be sure to download the printable because we love this land all year long and we think you will love it in your home for even longer!

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