Touché and other Turtles (FREE PRINTABLE!)

August 18, 2017

Touché and other Turtles (FREE PRINTABLE!)

I have a definite soft spot for, and general love of turtles.  As a little kid I grew up with a pet box turtle named Touché.  My dad rescued him years before I was born from a group of boys who were about to throw the turtle down a hill.  As far as I remember Touché never had a box or cage in our home.  He wandered around, sticking mostly to the kitchen (smart little guy) and spent his time begging my grandmother for cantaloupe and chasing the dogs.  Yes, they were terrified of him.  He had a lot of personality and I have so many fond memories to look back on. 

My obsession is not limited box turtles.  I have always been drawn to the sea, so of course sea turtles top my list as well.  I find their lives so fascinating, how we know so little about what they do in the water and most of our knowledge is of their nesting.  Further, for their size, they appear incredibly agile and graceful in the water.  Unfortunately most species of sea turtles are endangered by poaching, fishing nets, pollution and other factors.  Because of this there are organizations dedicated to protecting the hatchlings to ensure survival of the species.  But that doesn’t mean you have to stay far away to help.  There are even some programs that trench paths to the water to help the hatchlings find their way.  What a site that must be!

Finally, I wouldn’t be a true Marylander if I didn’t give a shout to Testudo, the Diamondback Terrapin and University of Maryland mascot!  Back in 1932 the football coach suggested the mascot and it was then the sports teams went from Old Liners to Terps.  The university has a bronze representation of Testudo on campus and rubbing his nose is believed to be good luck. 

Whatever type of turtle you favor, turtles and summer seem to go hand in hand.  So, grab our newest free printable and keep a summer vibe in your home all year long!

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