You Were Born With Wings - Rumi (Free Printable Art)!

September 08, 2017

You Were Born With Wings - Rumi (Free Printable Art)!

 by Jennifer A. Roberts

Taking a chance is not always easy. Whether it’s deciding to radically change your hairstyle or move thousands of miles away, it’s all risky, right? But, here’s one thing I’ve learned in life. It’s the first change that’s the hardest. Once you take that first leap, once you see that you can survive, indeed THRIVE, the next change becomes less scary. 

Not all change is by choice, granted. Sometimes, we have to adapt to situations not of our choosing. But, even then, we still have choices. We can choose to crawl, begrudgingly, into our new reality, or we can fly in on wings of gratitude and possibility. 

Rumi Quote Free Printable Art

A few years ago, I took a chance, a big one. I moved three thousand miles away from nearly everyone I knew and loved to take what I thought was a dream job. My husband and I started a new life, leaving behind a very happy and comfortable existence. It was difficult at times, and the job turned out to be less than ideal, but what we found was happiness in a place that ended up becoming our home. 

We loved our new region, we transformed our lives to take advantage of the abundance of outdoor recreation we now had access to, and we embraced our new lives for the possibilities it held. Even when the job went away and I had to start a totally new avenue in my professional life, I knew I could do it, because I’d already taken so many chances and was still standing (and smiling) to tell the tale. It was time to soar into the next, new reality. 

For me, taking chances is just another way to make life more interesting, more fulfilling, more diverse. A few years ago, I made a promise to myself to learn a new skill every year. It started with riding a motorcycle, and each year has brought different levels of success with my new skills (let’s just say I have a long way to go in the foreign language department), but even the flops have added interest and more than a few funny stories to my life. 

I had a really good friend remind me recently that mistakes are just an opportunity to learn- learn about others, the world, yourself even. Even if the chance you take doesn’t work out, you’ll know better and can do better the next time around. This free printable is a great reminder for your office, next to your bed, even in the kitchen. Remind yourself every once in awhile of the wings you already have, and take them out for a flight every now and then. You might be surprised how easy the next flight becomes!  

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Jennifer A. Roberts lives a location-independent lifestyle with her husband, Chris, in their RV. They currently work and travel throughout North America, combining their passion for travel with a minimalistic life and freelance work. Jennifer is a former educator, an avid home cook, and an aspiring writer.

Rumi Wings Free Printable Art

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