Trio of Little Girl Monster Prints

April 18, 2016 0 Comments

Trio of Little Girl Monster Prints

Girl monster abc and 123 posters

Spring showers are here! No not rain showers, baby showers! This trio of art prints is perfect for the mom expecting a little monster in pink. These three posters from HopSkipJumpPaper are adorable as a set or on their own.

No Boys Allowed Monster art print for girls

The first poster has a great color scheme of pink, purple, teal, and blue that is continued through the other two prints as well. It boldly says NO BOYS ALLOWED (YUCK!) This poster is great for a nursery of a little girly girl. Older girls will love to hang this sign in their bedrooms or clubhouses to keep the boys away. Whether they are trying to chase off bothersome brothers, clumsy cousins, or noisy neighbors this sign will keep the boys at bay and add a touch of whimsy to any space. This print would also be a cute way to decorate a girl’s bathroom at a school, daycare, or camp. Let these cute and friendly monsters chase the boys away when you hang up this adorable art print.

alphabet monster poster for girls

The other two posters are a set of education monster prints. They come in the same great colors as the other print, making a fresh pallet for a room redo. These posters list the alphabet on one and numbers 1-20 on the other with friendly monsters scattered around to add extra cuteness to your room. These posters are great because they are educational as well as decorative. Anytime an item in your home can serve two purposes it is a big winner. The font on these posters is fun too. HopSkipJumpPaper uses a font that looks like a combination of scribbles and a child’s crayon creations in these posters. Whether you hang them in your daughter’s bedroom, a playroom, or school room; these posters will help with learning and with smiles.

number monster poster for girls

Back to the previous forecast of showers. Baby showers are everywhere in the springtime, so it is important to choose a theme that will stand out from the teddy bears and storks. Doing a Sweet Little Monster theme is original and so much fun. Choose colors to decorate that are in these art prints. HopSkipJumpPaper has put together a to-die-for color pallet that will be the envy of the other expectant moms in the neighborhood. Play monster themed games, eat monster themed food, and share the “scariest” parenting moments with the mom-to-be! Use these three monster designs are a focal point decoration above the gift tables, then present them to the mommy-to-be and daddy-to-be as a decoration for their little girl’s nursery.

This trio of fun monster art is available in the perfect size to fit your space whether you need an extra-large poster to cover the walls in a playroom or want modestly sized canvas prints to hang above a desk or changing table.  Bring some whimsy home when you order these prints. Remember your order will be processed quickly and in no time you will have a high quality set of original artwork for your little monster to enjoy with all her heart!


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