Spring has Sprung!

April 06, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

 stop and smell the lavender greeting card

The snow is waning. Could it be? The grass is greening? Maybe it is? The daffodil and tulips are daring to open their colorful blooms. It is! Spring is here! Finally after months of scraping windshields, salting sidewalks, and longing for open toed shoes, spring has arrived. She comes in wearing a coat of tender green grass dotted with delicate blooms in every shade. Spring may not be the favorite season for everyone, but it is certainly the season that is most longed for and most appreciated upon her arrival.

With all the gush of relief and joy that comes with realizing spring has arrived, is there not ample reason to celebrate? HopSkipJumpPaper thinks so, that is why we have produced a line of cards that are just perfect for a note to celebrate the arrival of spring.

The first card in the unique collection will be a favorite for stressed people. Mothers of young children, college students facing heavy finals, teachers ready for summer to come, or a family settling in after a major relocation would all benefit from a breath full of lavender. Remind a stressed friend to “Stop and Smell the Lavender.” There is a simple silhouette design on the front accompany the classy typography art. Of course the card is lavender to match the sentiment on the outside. Send this card accompanied with a sachet of lavender, some lavender scented organic soap, or even some earl grey lavender tea in a springy tea cup to brighten up a spring day for a close friend or distant family member.

inhale exhale greeting card

The second card in this set is particularly appropriate for the man in your life. Whether it is a father, farmer, husband, or friend; “Inhale, Exhale, Repeat” is a sentiment that is so appropriate for the freshness of spring air. This card feature delicious earthy tones that won’t make a guy feel girly or squishy while your try to brighten his day. Give it along with a single spring bloom to be ever so slightly flirtatious with a coworker or send it to your cousin to remind him that you are thinking of him on one of these bright and fresh spring mornings.

inhale exhale greeting card

The third card in this trio of spring greeting notes is as soft and as subtle as the spring scent in the air itself. Sharing the same sentiment as the previous card, but having a totally new design makes this card more appropriate for a woman or close friend. Soft blues and whites in a leafy floral design look great alongside the fancy scroll typography art. Insert this note with a bouquet of fresh spring blooms or send it along with a pair of new sandals to celebrate the change in the weather to cheer a girlfriend or let a winter weary friend see the sunlight at the end of the wintery tunnel. This stylish card can be adapted as a sympathy note, wedding planning note, or life change encouragement. The encouraging design will lift the spirits of the recipient as they take a moment to be in the moment and leave their stress behind.

Three great notes to celebrate one great season. Spring is here and she is not going anywhere anytime soon. Take a moment to celebrate the moment with one of these wonderful cards from HopSkipJumpPaper this spring.


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