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Treasure Your Trip to South America with a Unique Art Print

April 26, 2016 0 Comments

Treasure Your Trip to South America with a Unique Art Print


peru art print


Culture, adventure, and excitement all come together to make South America a must see destination for any world traveler. Whether you are scaling the breathtaking Andes Mountains in Chile, partying in Rio, or shopping in a street market in a Peruvian village you will keep your South American memories with you the rest of your life.


uruguay art print


South America is a continent with as much variety as you could ask for from frosty mountain tops to hot, dry deserts the topography of this continent takes you from one extreme to the other. Steamy rainforests race alongside the Amazon River, while rugged mountains lead to lush valleys below. Every spot in South America is unique and filled with exciting discoveries just waiting for you to uncover them. One day you can be exploring deep the deep jungle and the next lounging on a tropical beach. If you are looking for a destination filled with adventure just travel south, all the way south to South America.


patagonia art print


You will want to bring your adventure home with you so be sure to order the fun South America art print from HopSkipJumpPaper. Get this print done as a poster, canvas art, or a framed wall hanging for your home. Order it in a jungle green to remind you of the Amazon rainforest, a pale blue to echo the clear mountain skies, or a bright orange to bring the festivities of the street markets home with you.


chile art print


Whether you took your time sampling delicious food in Chile or got to know the warm and friendly people of Argentina, HopSkipJumpPaper has a one of a kind art design for you. Help a missionary friend remember their home with a typography print that says “I Love You from Here to Ecuador.” From Venezuela to the Galapagos Islands, the places to explore in South America go on and on and so do the decorating prints from HopSkipJumpPaper. Don’t see your favorite South American destination here? Just ask and a personalized art print will be designed to meet your South American decorating or gift giving needs!


brazil travel art


Of course when talking about South America, one cannot forget the all-important summer Olympics that will be held in South America this summer. Brazil will be the hot spot with the entire world’s attention. What better way to honor your favorite gold-medalist this summer that with a fun Brazil art print. Remember the good the bad and the ugly from the 2016 summer games when you hang a canvas print with Rio de Janeiro or Brazil on it up in your home or office.


 south america art print


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