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Peru coffee mug
Peru Coffee Mug

 Whether you are in the mood for ancient history, fantastic beaches, primitive cultures, or llamas; Peru has it all. This mid-sized country is located on the Pacific Coast of South America. She is a land of breathtaking contrasts. Hot humid rainforests and high rugged mountains make topography as varied as the people who live there. Peru is home to one of the oldest civilizations known in the New World and to modern cities and people who enjoy smart phones and soccer games.

Peru tote bag
Peru Tote Bag

HopSkipJumpPaper wants to highlight this unique country with some one-of-a-kind Peruvian items. Whether you want wall art to remember an exciting trip, a Mug for a friend with roots in Peru, or a tote bag to give to each member of a Peruvian mission’s trip, HopSkipJumpPaper has the perfect item for you.

During an adventure in Peru you may climb a mountain to see the ancient Incan settlement, Machu Picchu, and walk where people walk thousands of years ago. You may spend hours in the Pacific sun lounging on a white sand beach. Or you might hike through the rainforest up into the Andes Mountains. No matter what style adventure you like Peru is sure to meet your criteria. Never forget your unbelievable travel adventure with a unique art print. You can get this “I Love You from Here to Peru” in any color that suits you. This stylish art can come in either a framed print or a canvas design so that you can fit it to any room décor or personal style.

Peru art print
Peru travel art print

Travel is easier than ever today. We get to know people from all over every corner of the globe. At some time, somewhere you are going to have friend from Peru. Perhaps it will be a neighbor, coworker, exchange student, or new in-law.  They will be delighted with a mug featuring Peru Love on the side. This mug can be customized to any color and featured the silhouette of the country of Peru. HopSkipJumpPaper. This gift will brighten the day of any homesick Peruvian.

Whether you are heading up a mission trip, a humanitarian effort, or a cross cultural tour to Peru; having a special gift for each member of your team is a big plus to bring unity and raise moral. This canvas tote bag from HopSkipJumpPaper is perfect for handing out trip information to each member of your team. Get the bag personalized with the colors of your organization or team to help tie your theme together. Use this bag as the personal item for each person on the flight so that you can all easily find each other in the airport and on the plane. The sturdy bag can hold up to all sorts of adventures in Peru and will serve as a fun reminder of the trip years down the road.

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