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Military: For All They Give

May 09, 2016 0 Comments

Military: For All They Give

In life there are many things we take for granted and forget to be thankful for. Fresh air, a warm bed, and the peace of mind that comes with a stable country and strong military are just a few of those things. National Armed Forces Day is May 21; take this opportunity to reflect on all that is sacrificed when a man or woman sacrifices years of their life for the defense and betterment of our country.

Home is where the navy sends us art print

Home is Where The Navy Sends Us art print

Family Memories

When someone joins the Army or the Navy, they give up the day to day memories that the rest of us take for granted. They may miss out on the birth of a child, a baby’s first steps, a child’s prom, ball games, anniversaries, and funerals of loved ones and friends.  Rather than spending Christmas and Easter with the ones they love these soldiers are sleeping in barracks around the world eating government food. We need to honor these givers for the memories they sacrifice. One way to honor the soldiers in your life is by supporting their families. Whether you include them in your own family celebrations, take over a hot dish to feed them during a long deployment, help them with handyman repairs, or simply let them know you are there for them you will bless a military family and show your thankfulness for all they give.

Bagram art print


Another way to help honor a military family is by giving them a personalized gift that highlights the sacrifice they are making. HopSkipJumpPaper has a large collection of prints that feature locations from Fort Bragg to the USS Nimitz. These prints will be appreciated no only at the moment you give them, but also through the years as they remember their time of service at that location.

White Picket Fence

When we picture home we think of a perfect little house to call our own. The freedoms to decorate, remodel, and call it our own are part of the American dream. Military families give up part of this dream. The place they call home changes every few years and is not the place of their own choosing. The go where the military tells them to go. Home becomes where the Army, Navy, Marines, or Airforce sends them. You can acknowledge this sacrifice with the beautiful prints from HopSkipJumpPaper that share this sentiment. Give a military family one of these prints to celebrate National Armed Forces Day.


LeJeune art print


The Ultimate Sacrifice

Some military families give the ultimate gift, their health or even their lives. Whether they lose a limb in the service of their country, suffer from PTSD as a result of their deployment, or have lost someone they love in the military. Honor the sacrifices of the military families that you know with a digital design from HopSkipJumpPaper this May. Comfort those dealing with stress or grief that comes with physical or emotional loss. Let the military families you are close to know that you appreciate all that they give this year on National Armed Forces Day.