Unique Ways to Honor Our Military

May 15, 2016

Unique Ways to Honor Our Military

National Armed Forces Day is May 21 this year. Have you thought about what you will do to honor those that are giving of themselves to serve our country? Here are some simple ideas from HopSkipJumpPaper that will help you celebrate this year in a way that reaches out!

I Love You From Here to Fort Bragg


Adopt a Military Family

When one of the heads of a household is deployed oversees, serving active duty, or simply away on a guard weekend, you can show your appreciation for their sacrifice by adopting that family. Invite them over for meals, help them with yard work or household repairs, and include them in fun family outing like the fair or a weekend at the lake. Help them fill in all the gaps that are left when a family is fragmented. Be the shoulder to cry on when hubby is away, be the extra cheerleader on the sidelines when mom is gone, or offer to help with rides to summer activities. When you adopt a military family you help to honor the men and women who sacrifice to be away from their families.

Make your Appreciation Public

Another great way to show your appreciation for our military service members is to make your feelings public. You can get a bumper sticker that loudly proclaims “support our troops.” Or decorate your home with artwork from HopSkipJumpPaper that highlights many different military base locations. From Fort Bragg to Kandahar you can show your love and support for the troops servings across the country and overseas. When people come into your home a digital design from HopSkipJumpPaper will start up conversations about the military location and give you a chance to voice your support for the branches of the military. Making your appreciation public is a great way to show honor to the military service members in your life.

Get involved!

You are not alone in your support for the military so there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to supporting our troops. There are many great organizations out there that do a great job helping fill the gaps for service members.



I Love You From Here to The USS Enterprise


Military Mission is an organization that puts together events, fundraisers, and outreach programs to support military families, service members, and veterans. They have tons of opportunities to get involved right now! A donation of art from HopSkipJumpPaper that honors the locations of military members is a great addition to a Christmas gift collection, or a raffle at an event!

Wounded Warriors focuses on helping veterans who have suffered some type of injury during their time of service. This may be a physical injury such as a brain injury or amputation or it could be a physiological injury such as PTSD that leaves them emotionally unable to deal with regular life on their own. This organization has tons of opportunities to serve!

 I Love You From Here To LANGLEY art print I Love You From Here To LANGLEY art print I Love You From Here To LANGLEY art print  I LOVE YOU FROM HERE TO LANGLEY ART PRINT

I Love You From Here to Langley decor

However you decide to get involved it is one of the best ways to honor those who are giving a portion or all of their lives for the liberty that we hold dear. This year on National Armed Forces Day find creative ways to honor our military.

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