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Mother’s Day: Mom, A Title that is Earned

May 07, 2016 0 Comments

Mother’s Day:  Mom, A Title that is Earned

The gentle pat on the hand when you cried over the spilled milk. That reassuring smile from the audience as you squeaked out your one liner in the school program. The meaningful compliment when you bring home “the one” to meet the family. These are ways that the coveted title “Mom” is earned. Show the irreplaceable, often imitated but never duplicated lady in your life just how special she is to you. This year make Mother’s Day one she will always remember. Whether you are still living at home, have left the nest and flew far away, or are now playing the role of caregiver to the one who gave you life; there are special ways you can honor mom this Mother’s Day.

Still under her wings

For those who still live at home with mom, friction can be a problem. Perhaps you are in high school or have moved back to get on your feet again, whatever the reason you live with mom. You see her every day and can easily take for granted all that she does for you. It can be easy to be crabby, but remember she is your mom. She loves you like no one else ever can or ever will. Honor her this Mother’s Day with a special schedule of mom-centered activities that will crown her for the effort she has poured into your life.


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Start the day with breakfast in bed. Show your mom you love her more that lazy Sunday mornings. Get up early and fix her a special breakfast with all her favorites. Maybe she is a big breakfast gal who would enjoy pancakes, eggs and sausage. Perhaps your mom is a health nut and would prefer a spinach omelet and a fruity smoothie. Or maybe your mom is a purist who would be delighted with honey nut cheerios, orange juice, and a fresh flower and book on her tray to enjoy. Don’t forget, breakfast in bed does not mean leaving a sink full of dirty dishes and a kitchen disaster for her to find later. Clean up after yourself to truly give her a pleasant start to the day.

Make your mom slow down and enjoy the day. Tell her to sit down an relax, help her accomplish a nagging chore, tackle her to-do list, or take her someplace fun like a museum or new walking trail. Make sure to spend quality time with your mom because the memories are the gift she will cherish the most of all!

Far and Away

Special days can get a little tricky when you live far away from the recipient. But that is no excuse for leaving mom hanging on Mother’s Day. First of all, if there is any way you can get to her, be with her on Mother’s Day. She wants to be with you and see you and show you off to all her friends. If you can swing it, book the flight, make the drive, or take the vacation days. She is so worth it, after all think about all the vacation days she sacrificed taking you places.

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If there is no way you can be with her on Mother’s Day, find a way to remind her that she is always in your thoughts. Send her a personalized gift. HopSkipJumpPaper has tons of great destination options to highlight where you are and where she is. Choose one and have it personalized for a gift she will treasure all year long. Flowers are classic but never outdated. Setting up to have a skype call is a big hit for moms, especially if grandkids are involved. Make her a piece of art, collect and arrange some family photos, or write a long letter of gratitude reminiscing about all the precious memories you have shared. When you can’t be with mom on mother’s day chose one of these creative ideas to be close to her at heart.

Roles Reversed

It happens to every family eventually. Mom starts off caring for your every need. She frets over you, makes sure you eat right, dress warmly, and tries to keep you occupied. Then one day you find the roles have reversed. You care for her, you check on her, you make sure she is safe, eating well, and taking her medicines. Maybe mom is living with you, perhaps you have found a comfortable place for her to stay, or maybe you are at her home every day to make sure she is well. When roles change you may feel like Mother’s Day is less sincere. But stop. More than ever now, you should honor and show you mother how precious her love is to you. More than ever now, you should understand the sacrifice that came with raising you. More than ever now, you should want to make a special mother’s day memory because there are not going to be very many more opportunities to do so. One day she will be gone. Treasure the moments you have left with her.

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When mom reaches the state of being cared for rather than doing the caring, gifts are much less valuable that time. Spend time with her. Sit down and let her tell you those same stories over again. Ask her questions about her life. Play a hand of dominos with her. Or simply hold her hand and tell her how much she means to you and recount your favorite memories from you childhood. More than ever now, take the time to show mom that she has earned her title.