Take me out to the ball game!

May 23, 2016

Take me out to the ball game!

Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out to the crowd!
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,
I don’t care if I ever come back!

Baseball greeting card

The Making of a Pastime

Does this some conjure up images in your mind like it does mine? From four year old t-ball little league to a Major League season opener there is nothing more American than Baseball. This game was a part of America’s culture even before it had its name or formal rules. The baseball we know and love today was standardized by a man named Alexander Cartwright in 1845. The game became increasingly popular after the American Civil War and the leagues that form Major League baseball were started in 1876 and 1901. The game is one with easy to understand rules and play and does not favor a certain height or body build like football and basketball do. This makes baseball truly everyman’s game. From little children, to professional athletes, to retired firefighters, and high school scholarship hopefuls; baseball is America’s pastime.

Kansas City Baseball greeting card

Great Baseball Gift Ideas

With the season in full swing send some baseball love to the ones you love with the great collection of cards from HopSkipJumpPaper. Tell the White Socks fan in your life that you love them even more than New York loves baseball. Give the Red Socks fan something to smile about a card that says “I Love you more that Boston loves baseball.” These cards are perfect for any occasion. An anniversary, birthday, or date will be perfectly complimented with a one of a kind card from HopSkipJumpPaper.

Baseball alphabet art for kids

Not only do we have fun baseball themed cards to give your little league star we also have the artwork to decorate his bedroom or his coaches office. Check out the fun baseball alphabet print. Using baseball terms it highlights the letters A-Z. The print would be fun in a sports or baseball themed nursery, makes a great gift for an elementary schooler who loves the sport, or bring a smile to the face of and expectant daddy who cannot stay off the field.

Ny Baseball poster


We also have prints that are more appropriate in a home or office. Get the design that highlights the team of your choice.  Order a small framed print for dad to set on his desk and remind him how much you love him while giving a nod to his favorite Major League team. Or get a huge poster print for your hubby to hang in the man-cave where he watches every game. The size and style is up to you and the quality is up to us. You won’t be disappointed when you chose to order one of our creative baseball designs to celebrate the fifth season: Baseball Season!

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