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Top AC Friendly Summer Hangouts

June 27, 2016 0 Comments

Top AC Friendly Summer Hangouts

You need to get out of the house but where can you go when the temperature peaks in the middle of summer? There are some great places that are kid-friendly and most importantly air conditioned and out of the sun.



The local YMCA is a great place to spend a Saturday with the kids. From a track to run around on to an indoor pool featuring lessons for every age and stage; the YMCA is air conditioned and nearly every community has one of their own to enjoy. Memberships are affordable and the hours work around your families schedule. Take the kids there to participate in an indoor summer soccer league or just to spend the afternoon splashing in the pool with friends from the community. Embrace this gem in your community this summer and take the kids out of the heat and into your local YMCA.

ice skating

Ice Rink

How does skating on a 90 degree day sound to you? Cool, refreshing, and fun? Hit your local indoor ice skating arena this summer for some exercise that gets you out of the sun. Most ice rinks offer classes, open skate times, and even summer hockey leagues for your kids to participate in. Dig out your scarves and gloves this summer and skate away the heat of the day.

 movie popcorn

Daytime Movies

Skip the heat and the crowds by heading to the theatre for day time showings. Family friendly movies are often shown during low volume hours and at cheaper prices than the prime time shows. You can grab some popcorn and enjoy the AC while laughing with you kids at a lighthearted film.

kids crafts

Craft Businesses

There are small businesses all across America that focus on some aspect of making something with your hands. Whether you are stringing together beautiful jewelry at a bead shop, painting a piece of original pottery to be cured at a make your own pottery shop, or building a stuffed animal to your own specifications at a build a bear or similar business your kids will love getting out of the heat and making something to take home with them. You can keep your kids’ creativity going through the summer months by helping them experience new creative mediums this summer.