Antarctica: The Earth's Coldest Continent

June 22, 2016

Antarctica: The Earth's Coldest Continent

Fight the heat of the summer with some cool thoughts from Antarctica. This frozen land of mystery and wonder is home to research, wildlife, and breathtaking scenery. Have a piece of this frozen land in your home with the HopSkipJumpPaper wall print. Get the print in a cool icy blue to complement you homes décor. This design makes a unique gift for a couple that is growing cold. Use this print to heat your relationship back up.

Antarctica art print

 Signy Island Antarctica base dusk

Signy Island Antarctica Base at dusk


Antarctic Research

Antarctica is the perfect place to study space because of the dry, cold, and stable atmosphere. Scientists here are able to see further and learn more than anywhere else on the planet. The research here is teaching us more about the sun, solar flares, and how to predict and prepare for outer space dangers to earth. This research does not come without challenges however. The environment is one of the harshest on the planet. Keeping scientists safe, supplied, and connected during the long winter months makes research dangerous and emotionally challenging to workers.

Snow Petrel anartica

Snow Petrel



Though it might seem like nothing could survive in a place as isolated and harsh environment, there is abundant wildlife in Antarctica. From the tiny krill that form the bottom of the food chain to the giant whales that eat the krill; there are creatures of every shape and size on this icy continent. Numerous seabirds from giant Albatross to the Yellow-billed Pintail make Antarctica their nesting ground. Penguins live in Antarctica year round. They face the harshest winter on earth and raise their young in the midst of it. Seals, whales, and fish all build the network of wildlife at the South Pole.

Antarctica wall poster

Iceberg in Antarctica

Iceberg in Antarctica



This untouched land has beauty that you cannot even imagine. The Southern Lights dance through the long winter nights here. Often they are only witnessed by the penguins and researchers that spend time here year-round. Icy sunrises and glacier studded sunsets bring an illusion of warmth to this frozen wasteland. Bring some chill to your summer décor by getting some Antarctic prints to decorate your home with.

HopSkipJumpPaper has a fun Antarctica print that will go great on an accent wall with a collage of glacier and penguin pictures. Get the print in the size and color of your choice so it will fit perfect with any décor and home style.

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