5 Delicious Reasons to Visit Vermont

September 04, 2017

5 Delicious Reasons to Visit Vermont

by Jennifer A. Roberts


1. Beer and Wine…. Need I say more?
There are over 100 wineries, breweries and distilleries all over Vermont that create delicious, local spirits to tempt us all. Vermont fermenters are creating everything from humble yet delicious mead, elegant and playful craft beers, northern varietal and fruit wines, crisp, hard ciders, and spirits like vodka, rum, rye, bourbon, and much more. These specialties all benefit from the fresh, local produce and grains as well as the clean, tasty water, which many think is the reason this region’s offerings taste so good.

2. Vegan Eats Galore
Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or just veg-curious, you’ll find lots of wonderful options in Vermont. With access to amazing, fresh produce, and with an independent spirit, Vermont has become an unlikely home to a growing vegan movement. In addition to a number of fully-veg restaurants across the state, many also feature animal-free options. Traveling as a vegan can sometimes be difficult, but Vermont makes it easy!

3. Ice Cream and Cheese
Any state that has a Cheese Trail has my stamp of approval! Vermont is home to the world-famous Cabot Cheese, but you can also sample over 150 varieties of cow’s, goat, and sheep’s milk cheeses from over 50 cheesemakers (sorry vegans!) on the trail. And, when you’re ready for a little sweetness, don’t forget that Vermont is home to the legendary Ben and Jerry’s. While the place may be a little cheesy (no pun intended), the tour is actually quite interesting, and what’s not to love about free ice cream!


4. Maple-Flavored Everything
The signature flavor of New England may just be maple syrup, and in Vermont, maple abounds. Try the traditional maple syrup for sure, but also try maple cream, maple candies, maple nuts and cookies, maple ice cream and pastries, even maple flavored coffee, rum, sausage, bacon… you name it, they can put maple on it!


5. Farms, Farms, and More Farms
Farm stands and produce markets are another Vermont staple, particularly during summer and fall. You can nourish your body and soul with the delicious fruits and vegetables grown in the Green Mountain State. There are also wonderful farmer’s markets throughout the state, and in addition to fresh produce, you’ll often find local vendors selling ready-made food, baked goods, and other tempting treats. Find one near you on your next trip, and you won’t be disappointed. Vermont is also home to more than a few world-class farm-to-table eateries, where you’ll dine on wonderful meals prepared with the freshest ingredients from nearby growers.
Vermont truly is a culinary destination thanks to its abundance of agricultural resources and world-class tradesmen and tradeswomen. No matter where you are, you’re never far from a good meal, a fine drink, or a tasty treat. So, get going, and bon appetit!

5 delicious reasons to visit vermont

Jennifer A. Roberts lives a location-independent lifestyle with her husband, Chris, in their RV. They currently work and travel throughout North America, combining their passion for travel with a minimalistic life and freelance work. Jennifer is a former educator, an avid home cook, and an aspiring writer.


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