7 Reasons to Visit Germany in the Winter

December 21, 2016

7 Reasons to Visit Germany in the Winter

1. ChocolART Festival in Tübingen

People with a sweet tooth should make sure not to miss out on the largest chocolate festival in Germany that happens in early December. This market offers up chocolate from around the world as well as activities like chocolate massages, chocolate making classes, tasting events and chocolate art events. Treat yourself to a day full of deliciousness!

Christmas in Germany


2. Christmas Markets

Sparkling lights can be seen from the end of November all the way up until Christmas. But how will you get to enjoy all of the sweet treats, gifts and decorations that are spread out throughout the many, many Christmas markets in Germany? A Christmas market cruise is a great way to explore a number of markets this winter season.

Christmas Market Germany

4. Ski Bavaria

Looking for a less crowded and cozier ski spot? Visit Bavaria for a wide choice of slopes and Germany’s highest mountain. With cozy mountain huts and 500km of ski slopes, Bavaria makes for a great adventurous stop on your Germany travel adventure. 

Bavaria Germany in Winter

5. Breweries in Bavaria

During your ski trip in Bavaria, or even if you want to skip the skiing, what a better way to warm up than by sampling beers in the breweries that can be found in the south of Germany. This experience comes with the added bonus of being able to explore some of the oldest and most enchanting towns that Germany has to offer, including Bamberg where there’s a brewery dating back to the 17th century. No need to fret, there are Christmas markets around these areas as well!

Germany Breweries

6. Sampling Stollen in Dresden

One of Germany’s staple desserts that are traditionally associate with Christmas is stollen. It’s a cake that was created more than 500 years ago and is shaped to symbolize the baby Jesus. All of the 150 bakers that are a part of the official association of Stollen bakers are located in the Dresden area. 

Stollen in Germany

7. Nüburgring Racing Circuit

Ready for a more adventurous outing? One of Europe’s most famous motor-racing circuits, the Nüburgring in the Eifel, has turned into an all-year motorsport themed adventure spot. Whether you want to browse the science themed park and museum, ride around the cart track, take a tour of the racing circuit or just escape the cold winter, this is the spot for you and your family. There are a number of hotels nearby ready to accommodate! 

8. Enjoy a Coffee and Cake Combo

It’s a German tradition to delight yourselves in Kaffee & Kuchen (coffee & cake) during the winter. Cafes welcome visitors to spend hours indulging in sweet treats and warm drinks. There are vintage old-school cafes along with more modern and trendy ones that participate in the tradition. Whether you end up in a famous cafe like Café Nideregger in Lübeck or a more local favorite, you’re bound to end up in one in time to enjoy the delicious and cozy tradition.

Germany Coffee and Cake

These food photos are making me hungry! 

Have you been to Germany in the winter? Of so, what was your favorite memory?

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