How does a nap sound?

January 13, 2016

How does a nap sound?

I love You More than Naps greeting card

Do you remember the simplicity of being a child? Playing outside for hours having a great time, when suddenly mom said it was nap time. Was there anything worse in the whole world than having to take a nap? Leaving the fun of the day for the lonely solitude of your bedroom for an hour a day seemed like pure, mean, torture inflicted by parent’s just to make your life miserable.

Now, fast forward to adult life. Getting up early to drive a stressful commute, dealing with sick children who were up all night, meeting deadlines, paying bills, and keeping up with the mountains of daily duties that never seem to end. Early days, late nights and never a chance to rest in between.  How does a nap sound now?

This unique fun card shows true love.  When you give you sweetheart this card you are saying that you love him more than a cozy bed, that you love her more than a quiet afternoon, and that they mean more to you that a comfortable hammock swinging in the shade on a warm sunny day. Now, that is true love.

This fun card is especially perfect for new parents or parents in general. Nap time equals quiet time when the kids are not getting into mischief or requiring undivided attention. Nap time is golden! To tell your special someone that they are better than a nap is one of the highest compliments in life!

Okay so maybe it is not as dramatic as all that. But, this card is sure to bring a smile to the tired face no matter what the occasion. Give it to a new mom on Valentine’s Day with a coupon for two hours of babysitting.  She will appreciate it more than all the chocolate or roses in the entire world. Use it as a birthday card for the older person in the nursing home who spends most of their day going from one nap to the next. They will understand the sweet humor of the typography art on the front.

In fact you can use this card for just about any occasion and any recipient because it is blank inside. The massage on the front can be simply a personal joke for an everyday note or message.  Send it to your best friend, your sister, college roommate, or boyfriend. They will all understand and love the thoughtfulness of this funny little card.

And because this card is made of high quality cardstock and ink you can feel good about choosing it. The color scheme on my cards can be personalized to fit the personality of the recipient. Chose the colors of his favorite sports team, go pink or blue for a new mama, or do sexy black and reds for an unexpectedly flirty Valentine’s Day card.

Say I love you in a fresh new way with this trendy card. Sleek, modern, and oh so fun, this card will bring a smile to their face and warm their heart all at the same. Say what you mean with another original card from Hop Skip Jump. Say: I love you more than naps.


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