Found! The Perfect Gift for Craft Beer Lovers

January 27, 2016 0 Comments

Found! The Perfect Gift for Craft Beer Lovers

I Love you more than craft beer

Some guys are romantic mush balls and then there are other guys who try to be romantic on occasion but never quite make it. Show your man you understand his heart with a card that is more than flowers and poetry. Give him a card that is just his style this Valentine’s Day. HopSkipJumpPaper is here to help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day for that goofy guy in your life.

Start the day out with this Craft Beer card on his pillow. Guys like their beer, and he is sure to get a smile from this sweet card that is all man. This card is blank inside so you can fill it with your own sweet message. Tell him all the delights you have planned for the day or maybe just leave a provocative one line message that lets his imagination run wild.

After he finds this fun card, make him breakfast. Not some wimpy oatmeal and fruit breakfast either. He wants bacon, sausage, eggs, and coffee (or maybe even a beer for breakfast!).  Serve it up on paper plates so there is less time for clean up and more time for Valentine’s morning fun. Besides, he won’t notice if you used the finest china or paper anyway.

While he finishes up breakfast you can surprise him with any number of perfect gifts. Pick an idea tha suits your man’s personality and hobbies. A ticket to his favorite sports team’s next game tucked inside a personalized jersey makes a great gift for the sports fanatic.

Give the outdoorsman in your life some new shooting targets, permission to spend the whole day hunting, and a gift card to somewhere fun like Cabela’s.

Or, if your man is really an all out beer lover, give him a tour of a local brewery, a make your own beer kit, and dinner at his favorite pub. Any one of these ideas is enough to make this Valentine’s Day the best one ever. Be the envy of all his guy friends by giving your man the freedom to be a real man this year.

This fun card is great for more than just Valentine’s Day though. It would also make an original birthday card for him, a unique anniversary note for your husband, or a perfect everyday love note for the one you love during a long distance relationship.

All HopSkipJumpPaper cards are made with the highest quality paper and ink and this one is no exception. Each card is designed and printed with you in mind. My sleek typography designs are both modern and fun. All colors can be personalized to fit your taste, and I, as the designer, am always available to discuss design options and questions with you.

Give your man a one of a kind card that speaks his heart language this year. Whether for his birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any ordinary day that strikes your fancy. Let him know that you really do love him more that craft beer.

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