California Love Tote Bag

January 15, 2016 0 Comments

California Love Tote Bag

Do you ever feel like there is nothing new out there to give as a gift? HopSkipJumpPaper comes to the rescue once again with a unique tote bag featuring the Golden State with customizable colors. Whether given to a college student, teacher, or used as the base of a great gift basket, if they love California they will love this gift.

College students today are all about custom and one of a kind gifts. Gone are the days of giving desktop dictionary sets or boring gift cards as graduation or birthday gifts. Kids at the university want items that will make them stand out from the crowd. This California Love tote bag will add simple style for him or for her.

Whether they are attending school in CA, left to their home in California for college, or are simply a huge Hollywood fan, they will carry this bag with pride. Made of study materials, this bag is tough enough to carry text book across campus, tote beach necessities on spring break, or keep snack handy during a cram session. Next time you need a special gift for a college student, chose a one of a kind tote bag decorated in California love.


Teachers are a special part of your family’s life. They teach, encourage, mentor, and enrich everyone from the youngest preschooler to the post grad college student. Give them a one of a kind gift to show your appreciation for all that they do.

There is not a teacher around who doesn’t need another bag. Whether used for carrying bulletin board supplies, teaching aids, books and papers, or maybe just their lunch, there are never enough bags for everything. This sturdy but fun CA tote bag makes a fun gift. Send it filled with school supplies at the beginning of the year, toss in a bag of apples for a twist on the traditional teacher gift, or have all the kids in the class sign it for an end of the year surprise that will touch the heart and be used for years to come.

If they left their native California home to teach, are currently teaching in CA, or have heart strings there, a California love bag will make them smile. So, skip the boring notebook and pen set, put the shiny red apple back in the fruit bowl, and this year give them a gift they will really love!

Gift baskets are fun, easy to personalize, and great for any occasion. But wouldn’t it be great if the container was all of those things as well. Not that we don’t love a good basket, but please let’s be original! This California tote bag made with the highest quality materials makes the perfect base for a gift bag! Fill it with goodies to match any occasion.

Take this trendy tote bag. Add a beach towel, sun block, sun glasses, a novel, and flip flops. It makes an instant, affordable, and super fun summer gift! Need a going away present? Start with my unique CA bag. Put in an address book (with your address already added), stamps, stationary, and travel snacks. It is just the right blend of sentient, and usefulness. Or even use this bag for a get well soon gift. A box of tissues, cough drops, cans of chicken noodle soup with a cute bowl, and a cuddly stuffed animal will bring a smile to a sick sweetheart’s face.

The possibilities for this tote bag are endless. Whether used to carry books to class, thank a hardworking teacher, or build a fantastic custom gift basket, a tote bag with California flare makes the perfect choice.

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