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Travel: 6 Reasons to Visit London in Early Spring

February 11, 2016 0 Comments

Travel: 6 Reasons to Visit London in Early Spring


Pack your umbrella and wellies and see London in spring. The drizzle might keep you indoors, but you won't be bored. From Shakespeare's Globe to The British Museum, the city is full of life. And, when the rain breaks and the fog lifts, step outside and admire the tiny tree buds over the River Thames. 

We have visited London in both spring and early summer. Spring is easily the best time to visit. Here are 6 reasons why. 


 1. The city is in bloom

Tulips in front of Buckingham Palace. Bluebells at Kew. Daffodils at St. James Park. Ramble through London's great variety of gardens, and enjoy the gorgeous flowers. Don't forget to stop and see the baby chicks hatch at the London Wetland Centre. chirp. chirp. 


2. Cozy up to High-Tea

Chilly weather and cloudy skies make for perfect afternoon tea drinking weather. London is the queen of high-tea. Locals and tourists alike will have their favorite tea shop, so pop into a few and discover your favorite. A few traditional ones to try: Brown's Hotel, Claridge's, and of course, Harrod's.


3. Museums

A trip to London is not complete without days strolling through the many museums dotting the city. There's something for everyone! Best of all, there won't be as many crowds in the spring as there are in the summer. Fewer tourists taking selfies in front of a Vermeer is a good thing.


4. Restaurants

Summer is for picnics in the park. The colder months are best for a multi-course dinner at one of London's best restaurants. Due to London's multiculturalism, you'll find various ethnic eateries along with more traditional food. From falafels to scones, and mutton to pad thai, there is something for even the pickiest foodie. 

5. Theater, Music and Night Life

The evenings are still long in the spring. Grab tickets for traditional venue's such as Shakespeare's Globe or the London Symphony. Looking for a deal? Find an off-West End theater or catch some music in a pub. 

Most pubs close at 11, so stop by early. For an authentic British-pub experience, go off the beaten track (that means away from Picidilly). 

6. Traveling is a (little) cheaper in the spring.

London is never cheap. It's one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit. But, you can find deals in the spring when there are fewer tourists. 


Okay! Are your bags packed? London is always an amazing city, but never more so than in spring.