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Bacon Lovers Rejoice! Top 7 Reasons to Love Bacon.

February 19, 2016 0 Comments

Bacon Lovers Rejoice! Top 7 Reasons to Love Bacon.

i love you more than bacon card


Who doesn’t love bacon? Whether you like it chewy or crispy, greasy or lean; bacon is a wonderful thing. For breakfast with pancakes, lunch on a sandwich, or dinner crumbled on a baked potato bacon is always on time. Show your sweetheart you love him with this humorous, slightly sarcastic, love note. When you say you love someone more than you love bacon, you are REALLY showing some serious affection.

HopSkipJumpPaper wants to show you 7 unexpected ways to use bacon that when combined with this all occasion romantic card will bring a smile to his face or make your girlfriend laugh. Here come 7 ways to use bacon that proves just how great bacon is.

I love you more than bacon greeting card

1. Veggies + Bacon= Love. There are so many delicious ways to combine smoky salty bacon with bitter and strong flavored veggies it is hard to decide where to start. Try wrapping asparagus with half strips of bacon and baking it until the veggie is tender and the bacon is crisp. This makes a great appetizer or side dish that looks impressive but only takes minutes to assemble. Stir in some bacon crumbles and reserved bacon grease into green beans or Brussel sprouts for a simple and yummy side dish perfect for a romantic dinner for two.

2. Bacon as an ice cream topping. Do your own twist on salted caramel with a bacon sundae. Start with a rich high quality chocolate ice cream, top with a sweet caramel sauce and then crumble on some extra crispy bacon for a delicious sweet and salty crunch!

3. Add bacon to your baked goods. Cook up your bacon until it is crispy and easily crumbled. Stir it into chocolate chip cookies, sprinkled on top of brownies, or incorporate in a streusel topping for an apple pie. Bacon has a delicious smoky flavor that will take your dessert to the next level.

4. Use bacon drippings in homemade salad dressings to create unique and tasty combinations for your healthy salads. Just be sure to refrigerate your dressing and use within a few days of making it.

5. Make man candy! Fry your bacon until it is nice and crispy then dip it in melted chocolate for the ultimate, manly Valentine’s Day gift.

6. Coat other foods with bacon instead of breadcrumbs for intense flavor. After making your bacon crispy and delicious blend it in a food processor until it is a powder or crumb texture. Coat fish, pork chops, chicken nuggets, or even veggies in the bacon powder then cook as usual. Talk about a crazy punch of bacon flavor!

7. Put bacon in your maple flavored oatmeal. Get the goodness of a pancake and bacon breakfast without the time and mess of making pancakes. Just add some small pieces of crispy bacon to your bowl of hot oatmeal for a real breakfast for champions.

With so many delicious and unexpected ways to enjoy bacon with every meal, saying you love her more than bacon is a truly romantic sentiment.


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