Love over technology?

February 12, 2016

Love over technology?

When is the last time you had a full length, heart to heart conversation without a text message, Facebook notification, or important email popping up on the smart phone in the middle of it? Smart phones are not going anywhere anytime soon and neither are the constant interruptions they bring into everyday life.

What is important to remember is that the people with whom you use the smart phone to stay in touch are more important than the phone itself. Whether you are a busy businessman who cannot be out of touch, a mom who is slightly addicted to Facebook, or a teenager who cannot be more than arm’s length away from the phone with having a panic attack, this fun and sweet card is perfect for your loved one.

HopSkipJumpPaper wants to help people reconnect with the ones they love. When you are in an important position with an up and coming company, you have to be reachable at all hours. The woman you love might not always understand. She might feel unloved because of interrupted conversations. She may feel unimportant because of a lack of undivided attention, or she may feel just plain annoyed that you spend more time looking at a screen than at her! Remind her how important she is to you with this witty love note. Whether you leave it on her pillow after a big fight, or give it to her for Valentine’s Day with a promise of a phone free date, she will be thrilled to know that you really do love her more than your precious iPhone.

I love you more than my smartphone

Facebook is addictive; it sucks you into a social vortex that is hard to break free from! Those around you notice too. You check your notifications on a moment by moment basis and are always the first to write a comment under a new post. Prove to your kids and your sweetheart that they are more important to you than the phone you are constantly checking. Saying “I love you more than my smart phone” is just another little way to bring your focus back to the ones you love.

Teenagers, this is the perfect card to give your mom on her birthday or to your dad on Father’s Day. Parents may find it hard to believe, but prove to them that you love them more than your smartphone. HopSkipJumpPaper can help bridge the generation gap with a trendy and original card that ties together technology and sentiment in a sweet but still funny way.

With my cards, I strive to help people express themselves on a very personal level. You can get a run of the mill card at the dollar store, but when it comes to finding the perfect card that says exactly what you mean to say, HopSkipJumpPaper is here for you. Printed in high quality cardstock with carefully selected ink, my one of a kind designs are fresh and ready to help you show the one in your life how much you love him. Isn’t it about time that your loved ones known you love them more than your smart phone?

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