Gift Ideas for Geeks

March 22, 2016

Gift Ideas for Geeks

i love you from here to neptune


Throughout time, geeks have been known to get a bad rap. They were the kids we picked on in elementary school--you know, those genius kids who knew way more than us but were a little less socially adept than your average bear--who were obsessed with science and technology and reading and video games. But they are now the people who are making great discoveries and inventions and providing jobs for millions--or at least have watched the Star Wars and Star Treks series more times than we care to count. 

i love you from here to jupiter

Do you have a geek in your own life? We say it affectionately, of course. :) Show them that you love and appreciate their unique interests and abilities with a gift from HopSkipJumpPaper. 

Do they love the stars, planets, and outer space? Do they have this thing for technology or the latest gaming system? Perhaps science fiction is their jam. Or they just can't seem to get their nose out of a book. You've come to the right place for the perfect gift. 

i love you more than playing video games greeting card


i love you more than books


i love you more than sci-fi greeting card


i love you more than cosplay

Whether it is a birthday you are shopping for or you are just looking for a fun surprise in honor of National Star Trek Day (that's a thing, right?), HopSkipJumpPaper has a variety of nerdy gift ideas for the geek in your life. Show them how much you care and celebrate their gifts and interests...because it's okay to geek out once in a while. 

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