Little Monsters Wash Their Hands!

March 21, 2016 0 Comments

Little Monsters Wash Their Hands!

Monster bathroom children's decor

Modern parents know their kiddos deserve a modern, fun, and unique bathroom style. HopSkipJumpPaper has a great theme idea that will freshen up any kid’s bathroom: monsters!

Boy monster bath art decor

The set of four fun bathroom reminders done in bright colors with friendly monsters is the perfect wall art to go with this theme. Paint the wall in your bathroom bright colors. Choose a bright pink and purple combination for a girl, blue and lime for a boy, or orange and red for a bathroom shared by siblings. These colors go great with the bright colors in these bathroom prints. These posters remind little guys and gals to wash their hands, brush their teeth, flush the potty, and take their baths. The friendly monsters on the art will delight your child and make them smile each time they step into their newly decorated bathroom.

Monster bath wall art

Other monster touches for your new bathroom are texture. Choose an ultra-shaggy rug set for the floors in front of the sink and tub. The long shag will look like a harry monster on the floor, You could even sew some felt feet and claws to the side and add some googly eyes to make it really look like a bathroom monster. Try to find a shaggy toilet lid topper too to make a potty monster that will have your little guy laughing every time he takes a potty break. Get a shower curtain that has a scaly texture like alligator or snake skin texture to turn the shower into a giant lizard monster. Find curtains that are supper shiny and get them in lime green to look like monster slime oozing in around the window. Fun textures combine great with the HopSkipJumpPaper wall art to make a fun monster bathroom theme.

Monster girl art prints

You can also tie the theme together with little details in your child’s bathroom. Turn the vanity bulbs above the sink into eyes by stenciling the pupil onto each one. Look for bright colored bath sponges and towel sets to pick up the colors from your new wall canvases from HopSkipJumpPaper. Turn the flip-top trash can into a hungry garbage eating monster with just a few craft items from around your home. Even the toilet paper gets a fun monster touch when you turn each side of the dispenser into monster hands with the help of some cardboard, felt, and a little imagination. The little details are critical to bring the theme together for you little monsters perfect bathroom design.

Girl monster bath art decor

Don’t let the rubber duckies of yesterday bog down your child’s bathroom any longer. Order the set of four monster bathroom reminders today from HopSkipJumpPaper and give your kiddo’s bathroom a makeover that they are sure to love. From the walls and floor to the decorations and the linens, a fun theme is easy to pull together if you just think outside the box and find the perfect artwork for your inspiration.

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