Aloha! Celebrate your Time in the Hawaiian Islands with Unique Art

March 23, 2016 0 Comments

Aloha! Celebrate your Time in the Hawaiian Islands with Unique Art

Hawaii travel art print

When six volcanoes bubble up from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, the results can be breathtaking. World famous beaches, exhilarating mountain hikes, and the tropical paradise we all dream of seeing one day. Hawaii is the most unique state in the Union. She sits apart in the ocean like a gorgeous set of jewels sparkling in the tropical sunshine. HopSkipJumpPaper wants to pay tribute to America’s own slice of paradise with a series of items featuring Hawaii and her main Islands. So whether you grew up on Oahu, took your honeymoon to Waikiki, or just love the idea of owning a coffee plantation on the breathtaking landscape that makes up Hawaii, an item from this collecting is the perfect fit.

Hawaiian island coffee mug

Say Aloha to a friend with a charming Hawaiian themed gift. The coffee mug from HopSkipJumpPaper has a cup with the silhouette of the Hawaiian Islands in the color of your choice. It boldly says LOVE to show just which state is the one you love. This mug would be a great gift for a honeymooning couple order one for him and one for her in each of their favorite colors, a teacher at the end of the year done in the school colors, or a friend who has visions of a tropical getaway.

hawaii tote bag


HopSkipJumpPaper also has a great Hawaiian tote bag for a tropical gift option. This handy bag is great for filling with beach essentials. Give it to a friend before her tropical vacation filled with flip flops, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a good book to read on the beach. This roomy tote has room for your hat, towel, sun block, and even a snack. These fun Hawaiian gifts will be the perfect match for any occasion. From birthdays to retirement gifts, HopSkipJumpPaper has a great choice for you.

Kauai island art print

There are some beautiful art options for the state of Hawaii from HopSkipJumpPaper as well. Each of the main islands has their own design. The typography art is available in small sizes that would pair great with other state prints to create a collection that features all your favorite places. This poster is also available in a large size to create a great themed decor. Pair the print with some shells and coral to create a fun table display.

Maui art print

So whether you want to remember the Kalua Gardens on the gorgeous island of Maui, want to honor the lives at Pearl Harbor at Oahu, or simply want to bring the gorgeous views from Na Pali Coast State Park on Kauai, there is a great piece of art to fit your space.  Bring a piece of paradise home when you hang a one of a kind canvas print in your house.

Oahu art print

Hawaii is a beautiful chain of islands in the Pacific. Beaches with every color sand imaginable, waterfalls of unimaginable beauty, and rugged cliffs that echo the violent origins of these volcanic islands make up Hawaii. From a mug for a coffee drinking friend in Hawaii, to a beach going buddy gift bag, and numerous Hawaii art prints, all your Hawaii gift needs will be easy to fill when you chose something from the Hawaii collection at HopSkipJumpPaper.

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