Travel: Top 10 Things To Do In Ireland

April 14, 2016

Travel: Top 10 Things To Do In Ireland

10 must-do things in Ireland. Many involve sheep. 

1. Stay at a B and B. They're cheaper than hotels. You can meet the locals. They're everywhere!

2. Rent a car. Be prepared, driving in Ireland is terrifying. The cars are small. You're driving on the wrong side of the road. The roads are very narrow. Watch out for sheep.

3. See the Cliffs of Moher. Don't get close to the edge. 

4. Eat at pubs. Choose local food. Irish soda bread with fresh butter and lamb stew is popular for a reason. 

5. Try to stay up to see live music (with jet lag) 

irish pub

6. Try a Guinness (or three)

7. Try Harp (better than Guinness, IMHO)

sheep in ireland

8. Count sheep. It's not just for sleeping. They're all over the emerald isle!

blarney castle

9. Kiss the Blarney Stone. Don't think about the germs.

10. Hike, then have scones and tea at a local farm. Watch out for sheep. Look for rainbows and leprechauns. 

 tree in ireland


Photos are all from my Ireland trip in 2005, except the photo of the bar. 

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