A New Beginning

July 17, 2015

A New Beginning

I'm excited to begin a new blog on my revamped website! This summer brought a new beginning to my shop, HopSkipJumpPaper. 

First, I created new images of most of my products. It took forever, but was well worth it. I love the new photos. The new images show the art without a mat or white border, since the prints now don't have that option. I used wood and brick backgrounds and lots of styling to create fun, pinterest-worthy images. 


I Love You From Here to Austin, art print

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More poster and canvas options were also added to the art prints. The canvas prints are very popular, since they can be hung directly on the wall and frames aren't needed. I'm working with some new print vendors for the large-format poster art and some of the framed prints. Less printing and framing on my part frees up more time to work on new designs. I now offer up to size 18x24 unframed, framed and canvas. The large prints make quite the statement! 


I Love You From Here to Venezuela

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 My website was moved to Shopify in July. Each listing went under the time-consuming process of being edited and added to the new website. I'm still making tweaks, and probably will be for some time. The vast majority of my prints are now available on the new website. I migrated to Shopify because of their large variety of apps to customize my website and the easy of social-media integration. I'm pleased with the results!

New beginnings are exciting! Stay tuned for more news soon.




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