Top Arizona Adventures

November 02, 2016

Top Arizona Adventures

Arizona has a combination of desolate deserts and breathtaking vistas. There is a total loneliness and grandeur found in this state that is nearly as varied as the many monumental landmarks that lie scattered across her desert acres. From the dumbfounding size of the Grand Canyon to the elegant beauty of Lake Powell’s meandering coastline of red canyon walls, there is adventure and picturesque scenes around every corner.

Grand Canyon ArizonaGrand Canyon Arizona

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has sometimes been called “a big hole in the ground.” to call this phrase an understatement would itself be an understatement. No matter what your mindset or physical ability the Grand Canyon has something that will leave you feeling astonished.

There is the undeniable beauty of watching the sunset from the southern rim that is truly the picture no artist could capture with his brush.

Then there is the little known danger that comes with a trip down the canyon. Each year dozen of people end up hospitalized or dead after challenging the nature of the canyon.

One memory that you will come away from the Grand Canyon with is that of the Colorado River. At seven miles down, the river is hidden from the view at the rim. During the descent the river slowly reveals itself first as a thin blue line between the orange walls of the canyon. The river eventually grows into a raging torrent capable of white water rafting.

One simply cannot experience Arizona without experiencing the Grand Canyon.

Horseshoe Bend Arizona

Horseshoe Bend

The panoramic view you will discover on the brink of Horseshoe  Bend is one that simply begs for a selfie. Whether it is a daring yoga pose (struck a safe distance from the brink) or a family picture that will make your Christmas card pop out this year, the pictures you gather on the brink of Horseshoe Bend will still never do justice to this incredible natural wonder.

Monument valley ArizonaMonument valley Arizona

Monument Valley

Located on the border between Arizona and Utah, it is easy to see why the area now known as Monument Valley has been sacred to the Navajo people for hundreds of years. Red rock formations rise from the desert below casting long shadows as you drive through the 17 mile valley.

There are a number of wonderful pull-offs along the way through the valley that give you great view of the natural monuments.

When you plan your Arizona adventure be sure to travel north and take in the otherworldly structures scattered throughout Monument Valley.

Antelope Canyon Arizona

Antelope Canyon Arizona


Antelope Canyon

If your sense of adventure craves satisfaction, you will be sure to satiate it when you explore Antelope Canyon.

As you hike through this slotted canyon you feel as though you are entering another dimension altogether. While the shades of red and orange swirl together on the canyon walls, you will find yourself mesmerized by the beauty and mystery of this fantasy inspiring place.

Bask in the filtering sunlight as you explore the canyon on your own or learn all about the geological and cultural history of the canyon with a guided tour.

However you decide to experience Antelope Canyon, you can be sure to leave amazed.

Lake Powell Arizona

Lake Powell Arizona

Lake Powell

There is no greater contrast on earth than the desolate dryness of a red desert and the refreshing turquoise of the blue water in Lake Powell. This man-made lake is an oasis in the midst of a canyon rich desert.

You may feel the desire to jump in the cool water at one of the many secluded inlets of the lake. Or it might be more your style to take a three day cruise and explore all this rich lake has to offer. From gorgeous canyon scenery to a one of a kind golf course there is something at Lake Powell for everyone.

Don’t just see the lake during your visit to Arizona, experience it. Walk the bridge over the Glen Canyon Dam and dive into the water from a red canyon wall.

Become part of the adventure that makes places like the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon such mysteries to those who have never been there. The scenery will take your breath away and the adventure will leave you craving more when you visit Arizona.


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