Art for your Favorite Sailor or US Navy Wife

March 08, 2016

Art for your Favorite Sailor or US Navy Wife


Home Is Where The Navy Sends Us

The Navy is a family that stretches from New York Harbor to the farthest corners of the Pacific Ocean. Each of the mighty ships in the U.S. Navy’s fleet is unique and knit together in the inseparable bonds of crew-hood. HopSkipJumpPaper has a set of wonderful wall prints for the Navy man or woman in your life. Whether you family has been separated during a long tour at sea or you want to honor the memory of a veteran’s service in your home, there is a print featuring the ship that was once called home.

USS Nimitz United States Navy

The USS Nimitz is a supercarrier. She is one of the largest warships on the open sea. First launched in 1972 she is the leading ship in her class. HopSkipJumpPaper has a print that says “I Love You from Here to the USS Nimitz. This print is available in a small desktop canvas print or a large poster fit for a dorm room and in any color you choose.

USS Enterprise United States navy

First launched in 1960, the USS Enterprise was the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the world. Though she is no longer active, the places that she once sailed and the battles she was a part of make up an exciting history that can be commemorated with this great print from HopSkipJumpPaper. Get this print for a retired Navy friend or a current sailor who loves Naval History.

USS Stennis US Navy art

The USS Stennis was launched in 1995 and has her home harbor in Bremerton, Washington. This large aircraft carrier is home to many sailors and various crew members for up to six years at a time. Send a message of love and comfort to a USS Stennis sailor with this fun print from HopSkipJumpPaper.

These art designs are great for a house warming gift or a gift of comfort to a family facing a long deployment and separation. When families are separated because of military service there are important things you can do to be a support to them. Invite them over for meals, offer childcare, and remind them that their distant loved one is in your thoughts and prayers during their deployment. Marriages and childrearing are strained when half of the team is on a ship of the other side of the world. Encourage the Navy family in your family or neighborhood with a gift like the creative prints from HopSkipJumpPaper.

Whether the one you love is stationed on the massive USS Nimitz or loves the history of the USS Enterprise, there is a great typography art print perfect for them. Give a unique wedding gift to a Navy couple, a fun birthday gift to a Navy Veteran, or a dorm room motivation for a sailor hopeful. No matter when style or colors you want the choice is up to you. HopSkipJumpPaper loves the sailors that serve our country and has a wonderful collection of Navy art prints for every occasion.

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