Celebrate Mother's Day 2016

April 11, 2016

Celebrate Mother's Day 2016

How do you celebrate Mom? Do you send a card in the mail or order her a bouquet of flowers, deliver her favorite dessert with handmade artwork from your kids, or take her out to a fancy restaurant? Do you Skype or Facetime if you can't see her face-to-face? Do you take the time to travel and visit?

Mothers play such an important role in our lives that it's so good to have a special day to remember and pamper them. Whether you're able to see your mom or not on Mother's Day this year, why don't you take the time to prepare a gift that will absolutely melt her heart. 

love you from alaska to connecticut

This year, celebrate Mom with a unique gift: a personalized print that maps the fact that your love spans whatever distance is between you two. Maybe you live in the same state, or maybe you are an ocean apart. These map prints connect the distance between you with special thought and meaning. 

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 8, 2016, and this long distance map is the perfect gift idea. You can personalize this print with any two locations in the world! You can choose from locations in the same state, different states, and even different countries. The options are nearly endless. Place the hearts exactly where you and your mom are on the map. And with 30 color options to choose from, this can be a lovely—and color coordinated—addition to your mom’s family gallery wall, office space, or bedroom decor.


I love you from here to here

These maps are perfect to send to your mom, especially if she lives far away, or to a special mother figure in your life: an aunt, a grandma, an adopted mom, or even an older woman who acts as a special friend and mentor in your life. The love and sentiment is the same, and the significance is memorable to celebrate with these special relationships. 

Personalized map art print

Send some special love this Mother’s Day and customize a Mother’s Day Map Art print from HopSkipJumpPaper! Always the highest quality, always the best gift ideas for that special person in your life--this time of year: mom. 

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