Coffee Is Always a Good Idea Mug

January 19, 2016

Coffee Is Always a Good Idea Mug

Coffee Is Always a Good Idea coffee mug

From that first smell of dark french roast in the morning to the last sip of an Oreo frappe before bed, coffee really is always a good idea. This mug featuring a cute coffee saying in modern typography style, is perfect for the casual cappuccino drinker or the serious espresso connoisseur. It makes a great gift idea for father’s day, your best friend, or that new mom who is slightly sleep deprived. This mug fits in at the office, in the dorm room, or next to your favorite book in that quiet morning spot.

There is something about coffee that makes it so much more than a simple breakfast drink. Maybe it is the smell that permeates the air as it brews, or the way its bitterness pairs so perfectly with sweet flavors like hazelnut, caramel, mint, or chocolate, or perhaps it is the much needed caffeine buzz you receive after just a cup or two. No matter what the draw is for you, this fun mug from Hop Skip Jump Paper captures your coffee loving feelings exactly. Because, after all, coffee is always a good idea!

Give your dad a cup for Father’s Day that does not feature a tie or cheesy sentiment. This mug will be one he can use all the time. Whether he like to peruse all the different flavors of creamer and coffees on the market, or only drinks black decaffeinated, he will love this mug as a gift. When your dad is the best in the world, coffee is a good idea.

If best friends aren’t made to sit, chat, and share a cup of coffee then who is? She will be delighted when you show her how much her friendship means with this funny mug. Stick a bag of fresh coffee beans inside, a handmade coaster, tie it with a bow and suddenly you have a gift fit for a birthday, get well soon day, or any day at all! This mug is a one of a kind present to give to your best coffee friend! When you just need to talk, coffee is always a good idea.

Coffee Is Always a Good Idea coffee mug


Are you looking for a baby shower gift that is targeted for mom more than baby? Skip the bubble bath (she won’t have time to use it) and give her the gift of liquid energy! This modern mug combined with a few flavors of coffee to try make a great baby shower gift. Help her survive the sleep deprived weeks after baby comes with a unique baby shower gift! When the baby wakes up six times at night, coffee is always a good idea.

Whether you use this mug to hold flowers in your cubicle, pencils in your office, or to drink cups number 8-10 during the work day, your coworkers will be sure to notice and love it. Having a unique mug on the job can also prevent others from unknowingly borrowing or drinking from your coffee. When you are working hard, coffee is always a good idea.

Who needs caffeine more than a college student cramming for exams? Send a midterm encouragement package to the student you love with this cute cup included. Quarters for laundry, a couple small snacks, and an iTunes gift card inside this mug would bring a broad smile to the face of a studious college student facing finals. When you study all night, coffee is always a good idea.

Maybe you yourself are a dedicated coffee drinker. Reward yourself and start the day off right with a few quiet moments and a high quality, on of a kind coffee cup. Because when the sun is just beginning to rise on another busy day, coffee is always a good idea.

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