Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas

October 05, 2016 0 Comments

Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Above: Pumpkin Decorating Ideas by Women's Day

Gone are the days when carving a simple face on a pumpkin was enough. People are taking a simple orange squash and turning them into Halloween masterpieces.

Don’t get left behind!

I'm here to help you amp up this year’s pumpkin display with some helpful tricks and creative ideas.


There is an easy way to add a third layer to your pumpkin carving. You have the orange of the pumpkin skin (or white if you chose to go heirloom), the black of the cut outs, and now white-ish when you scrape the outer shell but leave the flesh intact.

This makes it possible for you to make much more detailed carvings and add more personality to your pumpkins.

Keep your creation looking fresh (unless slimy mold is part of the ghoulish look you want), by spraying the cleaned out interior with a bleach solution and keeping your pumpkin out of freezing temperatures.

Use your printer to make a template of almost anything. Find the picture of your inspiration and print it off using grayscale.

Carving is not your only option when it comes to pumpkin décor for your front porch.
You can
paint a pumpkin easier that carving and the results look just as great. To waterproof your artistic masterpiece, use a spray on varnish from the hardware store. Experiment with metallic paints, textured paints, and even glow in the dark paint to find the one perfect for your pumpkin project.


When you are searching inspiration for your pumpkin art, think outside the box. Your pumpkin can be disturbingly creepy, politically humorous, or absolutely inspirational.

For a really scary pumpkin, consider using props such as squishy eye-balls or glow in the dark vampire teeth on your final creation. They add that perfect creep factor especially when paired with a carving design featuring brains, zombie faces, or other ghoulish commodities!

Look online for a funny caricature of your favorite (or not so favorite) candidate in this year’s election. It makes the perfect subject of your pumpkin art project! Stick a bumper sticker on the side to complete your political creation.

For a pumpkin that is great for all autumn and not just Halloween night consider going for inspirational rather than scary.  Get enough pumpkins to represent every member of your family and have each person put their hand print on the pumpkin. Then paint on their names. Try carving a bouquet of pretty fall mums to nestle in beside your colorful planters, or group some pumpkins together with a message painted or carved on such as “Welcome Fall” or “Let’s Be Thankful.”

I rounded up some great ideas. These are so inspiring! Which one is your favorite?

Mummy Pumpkins by Bliss At Home

Neon Painted Pumpkin by For The Love Of

neon painted pumpkin for the love of


Floral Moon Pumpkin by The Merry Thought