Four Mother’s Day Cards

April 13, 2016 0 Comments

Four Mother’s Day Cards

I love you more than cake greeting card 

It’s coming! Mother’s day comes with pressure, gift pressure. What should you give the person who gave you life, endured hours of labor bringing you into the world, changed your diapers, fed you, clothed you, kissed your boo boos, listened to all your stories, cooked for all your friends, and had a hug and shoulder ready when the world got rough. What could you give to this angel we refer to as mother? HopSkipJumpPaper has some ideas that might not pass the angelic realm, but at least are fresh and creative for the wonderful mom or mom like lady in your life.

I love you more than blogs greeting card

The Blogger Mom

For the mom who writes all the family antics online for the world to read, cook gourmet recipes and takes killer pictures to posts, rate the local grocery stores with a veracity that would scare movie critics silly, or follows the top ten fashion blogs of the year like some people follow March Madness, HopSkipJumpPaper has the perfect card. Tell your blogger mommy: “I Love You More than Blogs.” This card is in fun blues and purples for a cool sophisticated look. Pair this card with some blog essential gear. Get her a new pink tablet to surf the blogosphere on or try a floral printed case for her laptop. Sign her up for a subscription to a new blogging platform so she can reach more people or enroll her in a blogging class at the local community center to help her sharpen her skills.

The bloggy mommy will be thrilled that you take an interest in her hobby. Show her that you pay attention to the things that matter to her and that will be the best gift of all. Tell the techy mom how much you love her with this unique mother’s day card for the web surfing mom in your life.

I love you more than cake greeting card


The Baking Mom

Does your mom’s idea of a relaxing afternoon involve 2 eggs, 4 cups of flour, ½ tsp vanilla, 2 cups milk, and some baking powder? That means you having a sweet mom who loves to bake. From cookies at Christmas to cakes at birthdays, pies, bread, and everything in between moms who love to bake are next to none. HopSkipJumpPaper has the perfect Mother’s Day card for the flour dusted mom in your life. Tell your mommy “I Love You More Than Cake.” She will be delighted to know that your love for her goes beyond the yummy goodness that comes from her oven.

Some great gift ideas to go with this baking card are a new apron and pot holder set. These ordinary items that she will use every day can serve as a fun reminder that she in special to you! Get her a kitchen upgrade such as a stand mixer, new oven, or set of new baking pans. Enroll her in a cake decorating class at Michael’s so that she can learn a new skill or sharpen an old one. Giving your mom a gift that involves her passion for baking is the gift that keeps on giving. It makes her happy on mother’s day and it makes your tummy happy when you get to sample the results. Thrill your baker mother with a baking themed mother’s day.


The Stylish Mom

Is your mom one of those ladies you have never seen out of her heels and make up? Do you wonder if perhaps she sleeps with her hair done and pearls on? Does she have a scarf for every outfit and two pairs of shoes in each color? Celebrate the style savvy mom in your life with a bright and sassy mothers’ day card. This card says with cheeky flair “I Love You More Than My Highest Heels.” The trend setting mother you love will smiles and laugh when she reads this cute sentiment and sees the personal message you write inside.

What would be better to accompany this fun card than a pair of sexy heels? Get them in red, black, pink, or plaid. The possibilities are endless nowadays. The perfect pair of shoes to add to her collection is out there just waiting for you to find it and tuck this mother’s day card inside.


I love you more than shopping greeting card

The Shopping Mom

What woman doesn’t love to shop? Whether it is a blowout sale at the local boutique, a coupon in the paper for the big name store, or just perusing the thrift  shops for a steal of a deal, shopping is fun. Let her know that there is nothing wrong with some shopping therapy with this fun HopSkipJumpPaper mother’s day card. I Love You More Than Shopping. This card is great for any mom at any stage.

Combine this card with what else but a gift card so that she can go shopping of course! Or set a special date when you will go garage sale-ing during the neighborhood garage sale weekend. Take her out shopping and for lunch at her favorite café. Another great gift idea would be a set of reusable shopping bags like the unique ones from HopSkipJumpPaper. Give your shopping loving mom a mother’s day treat to remember with this fun idea from HopSkipJumpPaper!


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