Free Printable - All I Want for Christmas

December 09, 2016 0 Comments

Free Printable - All I Want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas…

For the kids it’s all about those two front teeth and letters to Santa, but for the rest of us the value of the season changes in meaning over time.The magic no longer centers on what we will receive, but what we can give.  What we want grows into our “Grown-up Christmas List” and this is mine:

  • To cherish the extra time spent with family and friends
  • To memorize the magic in the eyes of children
  • To set aside a day to listen to carols while baking cookies
  • To drive around with hot chocolate and look at Christmas lights
  • To spend more time than money selecting meaningful presents
  • To watch all the quintessential Christmas movies
  • To participate in random and anonymous acts of kindness
  • To be grateful for all I have and carry that gratitude into the new year

And most of all, to the one I love…All I want for this and every Christmas is you.

Merry Christmas and Joyous Holidays to each and every one of you!

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