Garage Sale Season

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Garage Sale Season

Summer is a great opportunity to make a little money while cleaning out all the things you don’t want, need, or  forgot you even had. Garage sales can be a great success and great fun at the same time. HopSkipJumpPaper has some trips to help you move your merchandise quickly and easily at the price you want.

Display Tricks

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When it comes to selling used items, the goal is to make them appear as gently used as possible. Take the time to clean items before setting up your sale. This is especially important to keep in mind for baby items or toys. Parents are much more likely to buy a clean stroller or a freshly washed bicycle than a soiled old one.  Wash your clothes before hanging them out and remember a little fabric freshener goes a long way to trick people into thinking your clothes are worth $3 instead of $.50. So when it comes to your display think clean before you even start hanging garage sale signs.

The second trick for getting your items to sell at a good price is to set up large items. Take the time to pitch that pop up tent in the yard with a couple sleeping bags rolled out inside. Make it look like the display in the store. Stage the old dining room with some place settings and a center piece. set up the pieces to the chess set and create a fun display with the doll house.  People are much more likely to look at the actual item rather than try to look at a box or dig around to see if all the pieces are there. That also goes for electronics. Give customers a way to check if it works or not. Set up a power strip near all the electronic items with a sign inviting folks to try them out.

Make your garage sale inviting for people to stop by,by displaying a good amount of items outside your garage. People may not even stop their car if they don’t think you have very many items for sale. Hang some streamers or balloons at the corners of the garage to make it feel more like a special place to stop and less like your garage.


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There are lots of ways to get the word out about your summer garage sale. Use your online presence. Post a few posts about your sale on Facebook and tweet with a #yourtownname attached. Libraries, gas stations, restaurants, and community centers often have message boards where you could posts a sign for your sale.

When it comes to the actual signage for you sale make it bright but clear. Make your letters thick so they are easy to read. Don’t just outline letters; fill them in with a color that is high contrast to your background. Include the days, dates and times along with your address. If your sale features lots of man stuff (tools, fishing, hunting, etc.) make some signs that say so. Do the same for baby clothes, toys, furniture, antiques, or craft items. People will be much more likely to stop at your sale if they know you have specific items that are of an interest to them.



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The important thing about pricing your garage sale is to remember that it is a garage sale. You may have spent $300 on that ugly dress for your daughters dance but don’t expect people to pay more than $25-$30 at your sale. If you have high budget items you really think are worth more consider taking them to a consignment shop instead of placing them in your garage sale.

Avoid the temptation to simple label tables or areas with a price (everything in this box $1) because you will not know the price when people come to pay. Also items have a tendency to migrate during a sale because people pick things up then change their minds and set it down somewhere else. Take the extra time to label every item with its price. 

We hope these tips help make your big sale a success this summer! For more great tips visit the site below!Happy garage sale-ing from HopSkipJumpPaper!