Family Travel: Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

August 09, 2016

Family Travel: Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

"You wind among rocks of every conceivable and inconceivable shape and size... all bright red, all motionless and silent, with a strange look of having been just stopped and held back in the very climax of some supernatural catastrophe."

Helen Hunt Jackson

If you're lucky enough to visit Colorado, put Garden of the Gods at the top of your must-see list. The red rocks, blue skies and mountain view are like being in a postcard. We went several times before having children, and it's a must-see if relatives are in town. The boys hadn't been, however. A cousin was visiting, so we took him, our two boys and drove the hour and-a-half to Colorado Springs. 

We were welcomed with this view. 

Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods

The trails are relatively easy to hike, making it perfect for everyone in the family. Most are paved and allow for easy handicapped access. Pikes Peak is in the background of the photo below. Gorgeous! 

The parking lots are small, however, so bring patience or arrive early. There is parking at the Visitors Center, but it's a long walk from there to the trails. 

The boys loved scampering over and around the rocks. Most are blocked off or not climbable, but some are. 

Garden of the Gods, Co Springs

Garden of the Gods

Owen had a gigantic meltdown halfway through the walk. It was seriously one of the worst ones he's ever had. I snuggled with him on a bench, and the others went exploring. After he calmed down, we joined the others. Luckily, there are lots of benches and places to rest in the park. 

Don't forget to go to the Visitor's Center. They had a dinosaur exhibit, gift shop, movie, restaurant and a buffalo. History and nature buffs will love learning about the ancient history of the park, the various Native American tribes that traveled through and the flora and fauna native to the area. 

Garden of the Gods is an amazing place to go with the family. Stop by the next time you're in Colorado. Visit their website for info to plan your visit. 

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