Halloween Crafts for the Busy Parent

October 13, 2016 0 Comments

Halloween Crafts for the Busy Parent

Pumpkins and scarecrows, ghosts and goblins; there are so many fun things about Halloween to make into a craft for your little monsters.

I love making crafts, but busy fall school and sports schedules means I have little time or energy for it. I found some crafts to make you the Best Mom Ever without spending hours of prep or going to the craft store. I love, love, love crafts that use materials I already have lying around the house! 

Craft Stick Spiderwebs by ConsumerCrafts

Craft Stick Spiderwebs by ConsumerCrafts



These creepy crawly guys are a perfect theme for spooky crafts!

Do spider web painting with back construction paper, string, and some white paint.

Simply have them dip the string in the paint (all but the very ends) then lay it on the paper. Repeat this in a spiral pattern making a perfect spider web to hang on your fridge (yuck!).

Thumb print spiders are fun and can be a great way to teach kids about how unique they are!

Have your kids put their thumb on an ink pad then glue on googly eyes and draw on the legs. Make a few spiders on a page then draw a web for them to live on.


easy halloween craft for kids

 Jack O’Lantern Collage by Two-Daloo


Make Jack-O-Lantern collages with your little pumpkin. Draw a simple pumpkin with a jack-o-lantern face on a piece of paper. Then let the kids glue bits of orange and black paper to fill in the shape.

This is a very easy craft and kids love it because they get to use lots of dots of glue!

Make fall pumpkin sun catchers using old CDs or DVDs.

We all end up with a half dozen disks that are too scratched to use anymore or that we just plain don’t want around (Killer Pilates Workouts maybe?).

Paint the printed side of the disk with orange paint, thread green yarn through the middle hole and use the yarn to hang these pumpkins from a tree or bush outside to supplement your Halloween display this year!



masking tape mummy by no time for flashcards

Masking Tape Mummy by No Time For Flashcards


Make a not so scary ghost with your kiddos with cotton balls. Just cut a ghostly shape out of paper and draw some eyes on with a sharpie marker. Then let your kids glue on cotton balls to make a fluffy haunted masterpiece.

This last craft is simple enough for even the most uncreative mom and the youngest kids. Let your little one make a mummy.

Simply cut out a gingerbread man shape (you can even use your cookie cutter for it or get a gingerbread template from online if you need help). Then let them put strips of yarn or masking tape on it . When they are satisfied with their creation you can add googly eyes.

Instant mummy and chances are it will be your child’s favorite toy for at least a day.


What's your favorite easy Halloween craft?