Favorite Halloween Party Recipes

October 25, 2016 0 Comments

Favorite Halloween Party Recipes

It is time to cook up some goodies that are so clever…it’s scary.

Okay, lame pun aside, we all love being the one who brought the most creative or tastiest dish to the Halloween block-party or fall office brunch. I want to help you be the one this year.

Here are some simple, but oh so fun, ideas to add to your pot-luck repertoire. 

Mini Bundt Cake Pumpkins by One Little Project

Mini Bundt Cake Pumpkins by One Little Project

This one is my favorite (and from the pics on Pinterest, I'm not the only one who loves it)! Make a simple Pumpkin themed cake by baking two Bundt cakes and stacking then on top of each other flat sides together. Drizzle the top with orange colored glaze and pipe on a green frosting leaf and vine. Pop the stem off your real pumpkin outside to stick in the middle for a realistic touch!

Click here for an amazing pumpkin bundt cake recipe from Taste of Home for your pumpkin cake. 

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bundt Cake by Creme de la Crumb


Other Fun Ideas

Turn simple pigs in a blanket into spooky mummy dogs. Rather than totally wrapping the hot dogs in dough, roll the dough into a long rope and wind it around the hot dog leaving enough spaces to look like the wrappings on a mummy after they bake.

Crescent Mummy Dogs by Pillsbury

crescent mummies by pillsbury

Gives guests at your Halloween party a scare by freezing plastic spiders, flies, or eyes into the ice cubes at your party.

Or you can be even more monstrous by making blood cubes. Start by filling the ice cube trays half full, freezing, then add a drop of red food coloring on each one and freeze again before filling the rest of the way with water and freezing the final time. The cubes will look bloody and turn your guests drink (their mouths!) red.

How fun are these Monster Eyeballs by Chelsea's Messy Apron?


Mini Monster Whoopie Pies by MelanieMakes look cute and delicious!


What's your favorite halloween party recipe?

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