Inspired: Summer Colors

August 25, 2016 0 Comments

Inspired: Summer Colors


Maybe it’s my designer’s mind but there’s something about summer that makes me crave bright splashes of color all around me.  Today I decided to share with you a few of my favorite items from our shop based on the colors of a waterfront beach sunset – the aqua, tangerine, lemon, and pink always get me!




It’s always been one of my favorites and you will often see an aqua color scheme in my work and on my feed.  It’s bright enough to be exciting and fun but the blue undertones are always calming.


There’s just nothing quite like the shade of fiery orange you get from a sunset.  The vibrant hue in nature never ceases to invigorate and amaze me.


I’ve always thought yellow to be a happy color, because who can feel gloomy on a sunny day?!  Something about a pop of yellow brightens my mood and makes me want to pay it forward.


If I need a little spring in my step, a pink lemonade hue is my go-to.  It doesn’t take itself seriously and when I put on my favorite pink lip I always have a great time.


So tell me, what’s your favorite summer color?