Instagram Accounts You Should Go Follow Now

July 20, 2016

Instagram Accounts You Should Go Follow Now

(You’ll thank me later, promise!)

If you’re anything like me any lull in the day (waiting in the grocery store line, waiting in the pickup line at school, waiting for water to boil, waiting for my toenail polish to dry – just kidding, no one has time to paint their toes!) is cured of any potential boredom or irritation by a little scrolling session.  If it’s not Pinterest, it’s Instagram.  Instagram has really stepped their game up, and in the process given a voice to all the talented photographers turned storytellers out there, and inspiration to the rest of us.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Katie literally just gave birth, like yesterday, and has already shared her post-partum figure with us as well as her plans to get back to her pre-pregnancy fitness level.  I identify with her realness – through her pregnancy she shared her emotions, the changes to her body, how she modified her workouts, and even her choice desserts (a far cry from the healthy recipes she normally shares).  If you’re looking to get in shape and need a kick in the tail, follow her, because how can you come up with an excuse when someone is lapping you with a newborn in their arms? Follow Kate



What do you get when you mix top notch photography with gorgeous locations around the world? A reason to renew your passport, for one!  They just finished a whole series on the Maldives that’ll have to packing your bags to dive into these crystal blue waters.  But really, there’s something soothing about scrolling through the wonders of exotic locations whether it’s just to say, “Gee, that’s pretty” or putting it on the bucket list and making a plan to get there.  I can’t be the only one who pushes through the daily grind to get to that next vacation… Follow @theplanetd

If you know me at all you know I love food – from basic backyard burgers to the finest steakhouse steak, the most decadent desserts to the trendiest fusions, and I’m a sucker for fresh ingredients.  If you can relate, head on over to @spoonforkbacon.  The dishes are photographed so well they’ll make you hungry walking out of a buffet.  And the best part is these are things you can actually make (and all the recipes are on their blog).  Sick of making the same old baked chicken…They got you covered!


This mom of 5 (yes, 5) takes the most adorable photos of her children all around their charming home.  Whether you want ideas for your next family portrait session or holiday card, need some interior design inspiration, or are looking for fashion ideas for your own littles, you’ll find it here.  She has a knack for making the photos feel very personal, like you are sitting in the armchair across the living room of your best friend’s house.  Although then I look around at my disheveled family room and wonder why I can’t keep ANYthing white with 3 less kids. Find her here: @kcstauffer


Speaking of design inspiration, how about from 400 designers?  That’s what you get over at @homepolish.  They post photos of rooms, top to bottom, so you can really appreciate how the furniture, colors, textures, art, and fabrics come together to give each space its “feel”.  Seriously, there’s something for every taste (and since all the rooms are so well designed I have started wishing I had several homes, one for each style I’d like to test out).  But for now, can we all just admire the perfection of these floors…


So there you have it friends.  My favorite, greatest Insta accounts for any lifestyle topic that peaks your interest.  That should give you plenty of scrolling to fill your waiting time! 

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