Lower Manhattan

August 22, 2017

Lower Manhattan

By Carissa Hickok 

Manhattan is New York City’s most densely populated borough, bounded by Hudson River to the west, East River to the east and south, and Harlem River to the north. Lower Manhattan extends from the southern-most point of Manhattan to 14th Street. Notable attractions in Lower Manhattan are the One World Trade and the 9/11 Memorial Plaza, Battery Park, and Chinatown.

One World Trade Center NYC

One World Trade Center NYC

The One World Trade Center opened in 2014 as the tallest building in the western hemisphere. It sits on the original site of the World Trade Center. The One World Observatory opened in 2015. On the 100th floor, you will be awed by the panoramic views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. The 101st floor has a café, a bar and a restaurant for those who get hungry. The 9/11 Memorial Plaza is a large outdoor memorial dedicated to those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. It consists of two reflecting pools with the names of all 9/11 victims as well the victims of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing itched into the bronze panels that border the pool.

Battery Park NYC

Statue of Liberty NYC

Battery Park is located at the southern-most tip of Manhattan. At Battery Park, you will find many sculptures and even some street performers. It is a beautiful place to sit and relax or take a stroll. From Battery Park, you can take a ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Ellis Island is known as the port of arrival for more than twelve million immigrants between 1892 and 1954. Researchers believe than about 1 in 2 Americans today have a family member who passed through Ellis Island. Today, Ellis Island is a captivating place of history with a beautiful lawn and an informative museum and exhibits. The Statue of Liberty is perhaps the single most iconic photo of the United States. She symbolizes the freedom and hope to people all around the world.

Chinatown NY

New York City has one of the biggest and best Chinatowns in the United States. Chinatown is known for cheap knock offs and delicious and authentic Chinese food. While there are attractions and activities, the main activity in Chinatown should really just be eating… as much as you can and as often as you can. For dim sum (aka brunch), visit Nom Wah Tea Parlor for cook to order, mouth-watering dishes. If you are in the mood for seafood, visit Royal Seafood Restaurant where dishes are served family style (i.e., everyone shares all the dishes) or Oriental Garden, a Cantonese seafood restaurant. Like spicy food? Spicy Village is the place to go. Look for anything with chili oil and Szechuan peppercorn and your mouth is sure to catch on fire. Great New York Noodletown is where you will find delicious noodles, whether pan-fried or in soup. For Cantonese comfort food, check out Big Wong King, where you can find an enticing bowl of congee topped with duck, pork, thousand-year egg. For dessert, enjoy a bubble drink from ViVi Bubble Tea in Lower East Side. If you have never had bubble tea before, make sure you chew the bubbles before swallowing.

Where is your favorite spot in Lower Manhattan?

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