New Zealand: Outdoor Adventures Await

January 19, 2017

New Zealand: Outdoor Adventures Await

by Carissa Hickok 

If getting into nature is your idea of an excellent vacation, then reconsider your travel plans for 2017 and add New Zealand to your list of spots to visit. Many of us can only afford to take one vacation a year, if even that. Therefore, we have to make it count. New Zealand is certainly one opportunity to really make your time and hard-earned money count, while creating memories to last a lifetime.

When you look at images and see the landscapes in this beautiful part of the world, it is easy to see why so many filmmakers opt to use this as their primary shooting location. This is a place that allows you to enjoy backpacking, cycling, hiking, fishing and so much more. So if you really want to journey into nature, add New Zealand to your list of travel destinations. Have a look at some of the outdoor adventures which are available to you here.

Try Cycling

Cycling is such an enjoyable way to get around – not to mention, it’s a great workout! Perhaps you are tired of your desk job, which requires a whole lot of sitting every single day, and you are ready to get out and move. Cycling in New Zealand is one such way to do this. Great Taste Trail is a popular travel route, great for beginners and more experienced cyclers alike. You can take in the coastline, rural scenery and even vineyards. This trail connects Wakefield, Nelson, Motueka, Richmond and Kaiteriteri. There is so much to see and do, all while getting the exercise you need to stay healthy. 

Go Hiking

You can’t beat New Zealand when it comes to amazing hikes. The views are simply unbeatable. Whether you want to go for a quick, hour-long hike, or prefer to take a route that will require an overnight stay, you are going to find something that gets your heart pumping. Enjoy a calm walk on the South Island, or take a guided journey to meet with other travelers and really learn about the area. There is so much to take in, from spectacular scenery to native birds. You will be impressed!


Backpacking is a great way to really take a country in. You can walk up a glacier, take a guided kayaking trip, enjoy a day of fishing, and so much more while exploring New Zealand. It is recommended that you travel in numbers when making the decision to stay out in the wild overnight, and guided journeys are always a great idea.

Clearly, there is a great deal to do in New Zealand, and so much of it entails getting outside. Family-friendly activities abound, but this is also a great destination for couples and even solo travelers looking to try something new. Get out in nature – get out in New Zealand!

Carissa enjoys traveling so much that she left the corporate world to work as a freelancer, which allows her to up and go on a regular basis. She lives with her dachshund, Daphne in central Florida.


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