Discover The Romantic Side of China

February 20, 2017

Discover The Romantic Side of China

By Carissa Hickok

If you’re in a relationship, you want to keep the love and romance alive. So, while you are visiting China, why not take your significant other to a magnificent, romantic spot? There are plenty of places to choose from, and some are not obvious or easy to find. From hutongs in Beijing to a water town, here are the best four romantic spots to go to if you plan to visit China.

1. The Beijing Hutongs

Hutongs are traditional neighborhoods - places that are full of houses that have been home to Beijing families for centuries. Here, you get a real glimpse of Chinese culture and society. The winding alleyways are lined with traditional, quadrangle houses. You don’t need to walk because you can take a rickshaw to get around the Hutongs. You can also visit a local family and learn something new, like how to make Chinese dumplings. You will be surprised at how friendly and accommodating the people who live here can be. Walking through the old, historic alleyways between ancient houses and interacting with people until dawn is not only romantic, but also a unique adventure in China.

China Hutong

By Jorge Lascar (Riding along the Hutongs) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Jorge Lascar (Riding along the Hutongs) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

2. Harbin – The Winter Wonderland

Harbin is home to countless onion domes, European facades, and narrow, winding cobblestone alleyways and streets. The city looks more Paris than Beijing and its residents are welcoming and warm. Although the city is close to Siberia, it is surprisingly warm. When temperatures start to drop, it is time to visit the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Ice sculptures are colorfully lit and you can take your loved one through a fantasy land like nothing else in the world. To diversify, give skiing a try – Harbin is near some of the best slopes of China.

Harbin China

Harbin China


 3. Sanya

This is a famous beach resort located on the island of Hainan. Romance is the theme of this place, as countless tourists stand to testify. Don’t forget to visit the Luhuitou Park, home to a large, carefully sculpted famous statue with a romantic story. According to the ancient myth, a hunter was trailing a deer, when the animal turned its head to face him. When the hunter was getting ready to strike the deadly blow, the deer transformed into a breathtaking woman – the woman the statue depicts. There are countless amazing views of the island and the beaches, so you can go on long walks with your love.

Luhuitou Park China

Sanya_Bay China


4. Wuzhen Water Town

This ancient water town is located near Hangzhou. Here, the streets, alleys and houses line the countless waterways that crisscross the city. After walking for hours through the alleys and crossing the waterways, enjoying the scenery and architecture, stop by the souvenir shops and restaurants on the entrance side. The far side of the town has museums full of ancient clothing accessories and beds, amongst other historical items. You and your significant other will also find the ancient docks, dozens of bridges, and secondary waterways fascinating.

Enjoy the romantic side of China! You will love it.

 Carissa enjoys traveling so much that she left the corporate world to work as a freelancer, which allows her to up and go on a regular basis. She lives with her dachshund, Daphne in central Florida.


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