Summer Camp

August 16, 2016

Summer Camp

As a kid there is just something about summer camp that breeds excitement and anticipation. Whether they are attending a local music camp through your community center or traveling across the country for an intense adventure camp, summer camp helps build successful childhoods. There are some tips and tricks from HopSkipJumpPaper to give your child the best summer camp experience possible as well as some great places to find the perfect summer camp for your family.

Preparing for Summer Camp

When your child finally reaches that age where they are ready to handle summer camp, it is important to prepare them so they have the best week possible. It is important to emotionally prepare you kiddo for the separation. Maybe have practice runs where they stay overnight at grandma’s house a couple times and see how they handle it. It is also important to prepare your child to stand up for themselves in a situation where the kids far outnumber the adults. Teach them about the rights of their body and that they can always say no to any situation that makes them uncomfortable.

It is also important to prepare your child physically for the adventure of camp. Be sure to pack all of the essentials for a week of outdoor fun including bug spray, sun block, a flashlight, and closed toed shoes.  Be sure to include any medication that your child needs (inhaler, epi-pen, and daily prescriptions) in a zip lock bag. Include the prescription papers that list the dosage and your child’s name on them.

Where to Find a Camp Near You

Summer camps are a blast, but unless you know where to look your kids could miss out on great opportunities right in your home state. Colleges often host music and technology camps for older children and teenagers. This gives kids an opportunity to work on a skill in a fun environment while also allowing them to get familiar with the campus of their local university.

The YMCA in your community will offer a variety of sleep away and day camps on a variety of themes. These camps offer scholarships for low income families so do not let finances keep you from giving your children the experience of summer camp.

State parks sometimes host outdoor adventure camps or nature camps that give your kids the real outdoor experience. Kids can experience things like fishing, hiking, and conservation while making new friendships with other children their age.

Local churches may have information on camps around the country as well that feature inspirational chapel times and exciting outdoor activities. These camps can be costly, but look at them as an investment in your little one’s very short childhood.


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