Summer Camping Trip

August 30, 2016 0 Comments

Summer Camping Trip


What better way is there to reconnect as a family or a couple than through a summer camping getaway? Whether you like to truly rough it in a tent and sleeping bag or bring a house on wheels on your adventure, camping is a great way to spend some of those lazy summer weekends this year.  HopSkipJumpPaper has some great location ideas, and campfire recipes to make your camping experience one that you will remember all year long.

Camping is all about the location you choose. There are lots of options, from small campground, to totally isolated state land, or awesome state and national parks. Each location has its own perks and benefits depending on what type of camping experience you are looking for.

Small local campgrounds are tons of fun for families. They often have pools, lakes, ball courts, and more.  They are a good place to meet people and make friends. There is often the option of bringing your camper or pitching a tent all for a minimal fee. For people who chose to use a tent, campgrounds also have another huge plus, showers.

If you are really looking to experience true one with nature moments you might consider going off the beaten path to some unsettled state land. Look for a campsite that is level, has good tree coverage (avoid live oak trees which can drop large limbs without warning), and is near to a lake or creek for water. One thing to keep in mind is that all state land is not camping approved so be sure to check in with the local DNR to find a great camping destination.

When it comes to memorable camping experiences state and national parks are a great choice. Whether you chose one close to home or take a road trip across the country there is a park waiting for your family to make a mark on it.

No matter where you chose to camp with you loved ones this summer you are going to need to smoking recipes to enjoy around the campfire.  Start off your meal with corn on the cob roasted in the coals. Simple soak your corn in the husk, then nestle them into the hot coals for 10-15 min or until your corn is perfect! Anything can be cooked over the fire when wrapped in foil. So wrap up the fixings for a hobo supper; seasoned ground beef, carrots, onions, and potatoes. Or you can go less traditional and make mini meatloaf to roast on the coals, just wrap in the foil. Cook pizza on a pizza stone located on the hot coals for a real wood fired taste. When it comes to dessert, think classic with a twist. S’mores can be done a million ways. Try using cookies instead of graham crackers, swap out peppermint patties or Reese’s cups for your chocolate, and get marshmallows in a variety of flavors!