Summer Craft Ideas

August 11, 2016 0 Comments

Summer Craft Ideas

Summer crafts are a great way to keep your and your kids occupied when it gets too hot to be outside. HopSkipJumpPaper has some great ideas for both you and your family.

For You

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There is time to relax and do something fun and creative during the long days of the summer. Here are some fun ideas for you to make during a lazy Saturday afternoon or a quiet evening at home.

Make simple artwork for your walls with a natural flair by laying branches of leaves on a poster or canvas and spray painting over them. Once the painting is done remove the branch and you will have a lovely silhouette

Make a creative watermelon wreath for your front door using pink and green tulle or material tied around a foam ring. This craft can be done in just 45 min and gives your something bright and cheerful for your front door.

Use old tin cans to make lantern to light up the night for almost free! Use a nail and hammer to poke holes in your can in a decorative pattern. Paint the can and place a tea light inside. When you light the candle the light will shine out the holes making a beautiful light display for an evening party this summer.

For the Kids

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Help your kids make some of these fun ideas this summer to keep the creative juices flowing and create fun memories.  Coffee filters make great parachutes for pipe cleaner men. Boil wooden Popsicle sticks to make them flexible. Put them in a drinking glass and let them dry in that shape. Then, paint and decorate for a fun DIY wooden bracelet.

Jello and glue make fun firework art. Use black construction paper for the background then draw fireworks using a bottle of glue. Sprinkle dry jello powder over the glue. It will dry with bright colors and fun texture.

Turn clothespins into birds and pine cones into pineapples with a little paint and creativity. All of these fun craft ideas are on our Pinterest board. Be sure to check it out for complete instructions and pictures!

Don’t let the heat get you down this summer. Stay crafty and create something special with you spare time this summer.