Summer Wedding Ideas

August 06, 2016 0 Comments

Summer Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding is one of the most fun and most stressful things a girl will ever do (at least she will think so until she has kids!). HopSkipJumpPaper wants to share some fun ideas with the busy brides to be who are preparing to take their vows this summer. Here are a few wedding trends to take note of and tips for saving money as you plan a gorgeous wedding this summer.

Wedding Decorating Trends 2016

It seems like lately every wedding is picking up on similar trends. Why this happens no one knows. It could be everyone is looking at the same Pinterest ideas, or it could just be something in the water. Here are a few of the trends that have been observed lately.

Teal:  this color seems to be the number one choice of brides this year.

Chalkboards, Burlap, and mason jars: this trend started a year or two ago, but is still going strong. The rustic look is very popular.

Cupcakes: whatever happened the multilevel monster of a cake? Who knows, but pyramids of cupcakes are taking over wedding receptions everywhere.

Casual seating: Once upon a time the seating for the wedding and the reception were a major area of stress to brides, but today the sign that reads “Sit anywhere, we are all friends” is the seating chart of choice.

These are just a few trends that are popping up at weddings everywhere. If originality is your goal, run from these “new ideas” that are being done by everyone in a wedding dress. If you like to fit in, and then be reassured you teal pyramid of burlap wrapped cupcakes will be right with the current style.

Money Saving Tips

The best advice for a bride planning her wedding is this: you will wish you had all that wedding money next year. Your wedding is your big day, but it is still only one day. Don’t be wasteful in your spending and you will be glad for all those extra dollars when real life kicks in after the honeymoon. Here are some areas that spending generally gets way out of hand.

The dress: TLC would have you believe it is normal to spend $5,000-$25,000 on a dress you will only wear one time. It is not. Keep in mind that you will probably never fit in it again, and you daughter will want to pick out her own dress someday.  Get a dress that fits your body and your style, but keep in mind $300-$500 can buy a very nice wedding dress if you know where to look.

Pictures: Having good pictures of your wedding is something you treasure for years to come. But, that is no reason to break the bank! Budget $500-$1,000 for pictures and then find the photographer that fits the bill. Is there a college nearby that could furnish you with a gifted student? Search your Facebook friends for someone who runs a home-based photography business. Get creative with your search, but do not be swayed to waste $5000 on pictures that for the most part will never come off the flash drive.

We hope these tips help you plan the perfect summer wedding!