The Perfect Gifts for Students!

August 24, 2015 0 Comments

The Perfect Gifts for Students!

College is far, far away for us. My oldest just began kindergarten! However, I remember leaving for college (many, many years ago) and feeling lonely and lost. My mom pulling away in her Honda Civic about broke my heart. 

But, I survived! I made friends, explored my new city, and fell in love with graphic design.

New beginnings can be difficult. My art prints can hopefully make things a little easier for your child living far away. 

My art prints and greeting cards make perfect gifts for a student living far away. Whether they're in Ohio, Georgia, or Arizona, I have a poster that will make them feel loved. You can choose your colors and unframed, framed and canvas options. The large poster sizes will look great in a dorm room or first apartment. 

Use coupon code FB10 for 105 off your entire order!


love you from here to Alabama college football art print